The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Aporetic Aesthetics of Digital MediaIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
29 Mar 2022
, RCA International Hybrid Symposium
Critical perspectives on Pandemic PoliticsIngrid Hoofd (Organiser)
9 Mar 2022


The Ambiguities of Pandemic Online Humanities Education: Observations from the NetherlandsIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
22 Dec 2021
, Digital Transformations of Education Conference
Developing cosmopolitan awareness through inclusive and diversity-driven pedagogies: thoughts and challengesIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
21 Sep 2021
, GALA 2021: Liberal Arts for Tomorrow
Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek (External organisation)Ingrid Hoofd (Member)
1 Sep 20211 Jul 2022
Perikles Symposium: de platformsamenlevingIngrid Hoofd (Participant)
31 Mar 2021


The (Un)determined University? On the Limitless Limits of Academic ResearchIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
14 Nov 2020
, Indeterminate Futures / The Future of Indeterminacy
PaTHES Reading GroupIngrid Hoofd (Participant)
15 Oct 2020
Ambiguities of a Self-reflexive and Meta-critical Humanities Education in a Dutch Undergraduate ProgrammeIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
20 Apr 202023 Apr 2020
, Ireland International Conference on Education 2020 Spring Conference
Critical and Reflexive Student Engagement in a Dutch Humanities Undergraduate ProgrammeIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
5 Mar 20208 Mar 2020
, Northeast Modern Language Association 2020


Gaming Like a GirlIngrid Hoofd (Participant)
15 Sep 2019
Risk Society Redux? From Predictive Policing To Scenario PlanningIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
12 Sep 201913 Sep 2019
, Data Power Conference 2019
The Automation of Academic Faith: the Case For/Against the Digital HumanitiesIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
28 May 20192 Jun 2019
, Association of Philosophy and Literature 2019
Technological Acceleration and Pedagogies of InclusionIngrid Hoofd (Keynote speaker)
3 May 20194 May 2019
, Minorities and Philosophy Conference 2019
Questioning Impact and Utility in AcademiaIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
11 Apr 201912 Apr 2019
, Utrecht University Humanities Graduate Conference
Interpreting Black MirrorIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
31 Mar 2019
, Symposium “Framing of the Enemy through Technology and Mass Media”
The Materialist Turn as Rhetorical Quantum-Trickery in the Work of Karen BaradIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
7 Mar 201910 Mar 2019
, American Comparative Literature Association 2019


Understanding Transgenderism as the Limit of Techno-capitalism via BaudrillardIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
7 Sep 2018
, Applied Baudrillard Conference
Understanding Transgenderism as the Limit of Techno-capitalism via BaudrillardIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
5 Sep 20187 Sep 2018
, Applied Baudrillard
Applied BaudrillardIngrid Hoofd (Participant)
5 Sep 20187 Sep 2018
Data Justice 2018Ingrid Hoofd (Participant)
22 May 2018
Automating the Humanities: Big Data, Neoliberalisation, and the Future of CritiqueIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
16 May 2018
, Internpretation Today
Paulo Freire’s Promise: A Critique of the Bottom-up Communicative Educational IdealIngrid Hoofd (Keynote speaker)
9 May 2018
, Communication Interventions
The Endless Quest for Knowledge: Big Data and the Violence of Academic IdealismIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
7 May 20188 May 2018
, Is Big Data a New Medium?
Automating the Humanities: Big Data and Institutional ViolenceIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
30 Mar 2018
, American Comparative Literature Association 2018
Closing lines for The Politicised Humanities?Ingrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
21 Mar 2018
, The Politicised Humanities?
University of BolognaIngrid Hoofd (Visiting researcher)
8 Feb 201810 Feb 2018


Automating the Humanities: Big Data, Neoliberalisation, and the Future of CritiqueIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
29 Nov 2017
Imaginative Scenario Planning for Law Enforcement OrganizationsIngrid Hoofd (Organiser)
16 Nov 2017
How Meetings Matter; On the Accelerated Enactment of the Science-Narrative Tension in the work of Karen BaradI.M. Hoofd (Invited speaker)
8 Nov 2017
, Forms of Knowledge
Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST)(External organisation)Ingrid Hoofd (Member)
1 Sep 201730 Aug 2019
American Comparative Literature Association 2017 conferenceIngrid Hoofd (Organiser)
5 Jul 20179 Jul 2017
Data Power 2017 ConferenceIngrid Hoofd (Participant)
23 Jun 2017
Paper: "For a fatal clash of temporal structures in contemporary academia."Ingrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
2 May 20176 May 2017
, CASCA/IUAES Conference
Science Cafe UtrechtIngrid Hoofd (Participant)
20 Mar 2017


Booktalk Session: Accelerating Academia: The changing structure of academic timeIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
1 Dec 2016
, Accelerated Academy
Intervention 'How to implement ethical guidelines?'Ingrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
29 Nov 2016
, Research Ethics for Data and Digital Methods
Betweter festival 2017Ingrid Hoofd (Participant)
30 Sep 2016
Expert Meeting Researching the potential of scenario planning games to visualise criminal networksIngrid Hoofd (Organiser)
26 Sep 2016
Paper: Towards a Fatal Politics: Raising the Stakes of Communicative SubversionIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
8 Sep 2016
, ESA-RN18 Conference Rethinking Power in Communicative Capitalism
Forms of the University: Uncertainty, Probability, ApocalypseIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
9 Jun 2016
, 5th Derrida Today Conference


Presentation "The Tyranny of Transparency: Academia’s Auto-immunity"Ingrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
2 Dec 2015
, Power, Acceleration and Metrics in Academia


The Impact of New Media on Politics TodayIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
29 Nov 2014
, KASYP Alumni Workshop: Regional Integration, Good Governance and Democracy in Asia


International Association for Philosophy and LiteratureIngrid Hoofd (Organiser)
1 Jan 20131 Aug 2013
International Association for Philosophy and Literature (Event)Ingrid Hoofd (Member)
2013 → …
, International Association for Philosophy and Literature


Communication and Social Change: Some Preliminary QuestionsIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
4 Dec 2012
, Communication, Social Change, and Emerging Technologies: A Global Symposium
Special Masters of Media lecture and book presentationIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
22 Jun 2012
Potentials and Pitfalls of Female and Feminist RepresentationIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
19 Apr 2012


The Virtues and Vices of SlutWalk: Some Feminist ConcernsIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
3 Dec 2011


Female Empowerment in a Post-colonial ContextIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
27 Oct 2009
Online Social Movements: New Media and the Simulation of DemocracyIngrid Hoofd (Invited speaker)
26 Mar 2009