Hannah Galster MSc

PhD Candidate
Energy System Analysis

Hannah is a PhD candidate at the Energy and Resources group of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development (Utrecht University) and the Energy and Materials Transition unit of TNO (Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research). Her work centers around the incorporation of human behavior in Energy System Modelling. In her interdisciplinary research, she aims at combining knowledge from social sciences with energy modelling, believing that bridging the two domains can ensure mutual benefits and improve the quality of insights derived from existing energy system models. Hannah holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences (Utrecht University).

The PhD project is supervised by Prof. dr. André Faaij (UU & TNO), Dr. Vinzenz Koning (UU), Dr. Arianne van der Wal (TNO), and Dr. Anika Batenburg (TNO).