Mr. dr. H.M.A.E. (Hana) van Ooijen

Assistant Professor
International and European Law

As an assistant professor education Hana van Ooijen is interested in the interplay between research, teaching and legal practice, three areas in which she has experience. 

In 2012, Hana defended her doctoral comparative law thesis on state neutrality and religious symbols in public functions which she wrote with the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights. At that time, she also taught the bachelor course Comparative Human Rights. In the years after, Hana worked as a migration lawyer with Prakken d’Oliveira Human Rights Lawyers and as a trainee judge with the Amsterdam district court. She will use this practical experience in her research and teaching. In the master she is involved with moot courts. As a member of the Legal Skills Academy she contributes to enhancing the legal skills education. Because of her varied experience, Hana is familiar with various areas of law, ranging from (international and Dutch) migration law to international public law, while her keen interest for a human rights perspective is the thread running through her expertise.