dr. Helen King
Assistant Professor
Earth Sciences - Petrology
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Scientific expertise
Raman spectroscopy
Atomic Force Microscopy
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Curriculum vitae

Positions held

September 2014 – present

Assistant Professor, Department of Earth Science, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

September 2013 – August 2014

Marie Curie Actions International Outgoing Fellow

Joint postdoctoral project at Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University, U.S.A. and Department of Chemistry, University College London, U.K.

June 2011 – August 2013

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Postdoctoral Researcher

Institut für Mineralogie, University of Münster, Germany.

February 2011

Industry Internship based at Sibelco Nordic AS and in association with Geode AS, Oslo, Norway.

March and September 2009

Global-COE Internship Student with “Global-COE Internship Program for Earth Planetary Sciences”

Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.

October 2007 – September 2010

Guest Researcher Fellowship through Marie Curie Initial Training Network “MIN-GRO”

Institut für Mineralogie, University of Münster, Germany.



October 2007 – May 2011

Doctorate (Magna Cum Laude) in Mineralogy at the Institut für Mineralogie, University of Münster, Germany.

September 2003 – June 2007

Master of Science (MSci) Second Upper Class in Chemistry, University College London, U.K.





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All publications
  2017 - Scholarly publications
King, Helen E, Plümper, Oliver, Putnis, Christine V., O'Neill, Hugh St. C., Klemme, Stephan & Putnis, Andrew (20.04.2017). Mineral surface rearrangement at high temperatures - Implications for extraterrestrial mineral grain reactivity. ACS earth & space chemistry, 1 (2), (pp. 113-121) (9 p.).
Plümper, Oliver, King, Helen E., Geisler, Thorsten, Liu, Yang, Pabst, Sonja, Savov, Ivan P., Rost, Detlef & Zack, Thomas (25.04.2017). Subduction zone forearc serpentinites as incubators for deep microbial life. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114 (17), (pp. 4324-4329) (6 p.).
Renard, François, Putnis, Christine V., Montes-Hernandez, German & King, Helen E. (20.01.2017). Siderite dissolution coupled to iron oxyhydroxide precipitation in the presence of arsenic revealed by nanoscale imaging. Chemical Geology, 449, (pp. 123-134) (12 p.).
  2016 - Scholarly publications
Liu, Yang, King, Helen E., van Huis, Marijn A., Drury, Martyn R. & Plümper, Oliver (01.12.2016). Nano-tomography of porous geological materials using focused ion beam-scanning electron microscopy. Minerals, 6 (4), (pp. 1-19) (19 p.).
Macica, Carolyn M, King, Helen E, Wang, Meina, McEachon, Courtney L, Skinner, Catherine W & Tommasini, Steven M (2016). Novel anatomic adaptation of cortical bone to meet increased mineral demands of reproduction. Bone, 85, (pp. 59-69) (11 p.). Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved..
Ruiz-Agudo, Encarnacián, King, Helen E., Patiño-Ĺpez, Luis D., Putnis, Christine V., Geisler, Thorsten, Rodriguez-Navarro, Carlos & Putnis, Andrew (2016). Control of silicate weathering by interface-coupled dissolution-precipitation processes at the mineral-solution interface. Geology, 44 (7), (pp. 567-570) (4 p.).
Santos-Carballal, David, Du, Zhimei, King, Helen E. & De Leeuw, Nora H. (2016). A computational study of the interaction of organic surfactants with goethite α-FeO(OH) surfaces. RSC Advances, 6 (94), (pp. 91893-91903) (11 p.).
Wang, Lijun, Putnis, Christine V, King, Helen E, Hövelmann, Jörn, Ruiz-Agudo, Encarnación & Putnis, Andrew (2016). Imaging organophosphate and pyrophosphate sequestration on brucite by in situ atomic force microscopy. Environmental Science & Technology, 51 (1), (pp. 328-336).
Wang, Lijun, Qin , Lihong, Putnis, Christine V., Ruiz-Agudo, Encarnación, King, H.E. & Putnis, Andrew (2016). Visualizing organophosphate precipitation at the calcite-water interface by in situ atomic force microscopy. Environmental Science & Technology, 50 (1), (pp. 259-268) (10 p.).
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Jonas, Laura, John, Timm, King, Helen E., Geisler, Thorsten & Putnis, Andrew (15.01.2014). The role of grain boundaries and transient porosity in rocks as fluid pathways for reaction front propagation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 386, (pp. 64-74) (11 p.).
King, Helen E., Mattner, Dorothea C., Plümper, Oliver, Geisler, Thorsten & Putnis, Andrew (07.07.2014). Forming cohesive calcium oxalate layers on marble surfaces for stone conservation. Crystal Growth and Design, 14 (8), (pp. 3910-3917) (8 p.).
King, Helen E., Satoh, Hisao, Tsukamoto, Katsuo & Putnis, Andrew (01.02.2014). Surface-specific measurements of olivine dissolution by phase-shift interferometry. American Mineralogist, 99 (2-3), (pp. 377-386) (10 p.).
Majumdar, Alik S., King, Helen E., John, Timm, Kusebauch, Christof & Putnis, Andrew (25.07.2014). Pseudomorphic replacement of diopside during interaction with (Ni,Mg)Cl2 aqueous solutions - Implications for the Ni-enrichment mechanism in talc- and serpentine-type phases. Chemical Geology, 380, (pp. 27-40) (14 p.).
  2013 - Scholarly publications
King, Helen E, Satoh, Hisao, Tsukamoto, Katsuo & Putnis, Andrew (06.08.2013). Nanoscale observations of magnesite growth in chloride- and sulfate-rich solutions. Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (15), (pp. 8684-91) (8 p.).
King, Helen E. & Putnis, Christine V. (15.05.2013). Direct observations of the influence of solution composition on magnesite dissolution. Geochmica et Cosmochimica Acta, 109, (pp. 113-126) (14 p.).
Putnis, Christine V., Renard, François, King, Helen E., Montes-Hernandez, German & Ruiz-Agudo, Encarnacion (13.11.2013). Sequestration of selenium on calcite surfaces revealed by nanoscale imaging. Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (23), (pp. 13469-13476) (8 p.).
Wang, Lijun, Putnis, Christine V., Ruiz-Agudo, Encarnación, King, Helen E. & Putnis, Andrew (2013). Coupled dissolution and precipitation at the cerussite-phosphate solution interface: Implications for immobilization of lead in soils. Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (23), (pp. 13502-13510) (9 p.).
  2012 - Scholarly publications
Plümper, Oliver, King, Helen E., Vollmer, Christian, Ramasse, Quentin, Jung, Haemyeong & Austrheim, Håkon (01.04.2012). The legacy of crystal-plastic deformation in olivine - High-diffusivity pathways during serpentinization. Beiträge zur Mineralogie und Petrographie, 163 (4), (pp. 701-724) (24 p.).
  2011 - Scholarly publications
King, Helen E., Plümper, Oliver, Geisler, Thorsten & Putnis, Andrew (01.10.2011). Experimental investigations into the silicification of olivine - Implications for the reaction mechanism and acid neutralization. American Mineralogist, 96 (10), (pp. 1503-1511) (9 p.).
  2010 - Scholarly publications
de Leeuw, Nora H., Catlow, C. Richard A., King, Helen E., Putnis, Andrew, Muralidharan, Krishna, Deymier, Pierre, Stimpfl, Marilena & Drake, Michael J. (2010). Where on Earth has our water come from?. Chemical Communications, 46 (47), (pp. 8923-8925) (3 p.).
King, H. E., Stimpfl, M., Deymier, P., Drake, M. J., Catlow, C. R. A., Putnis, A. & de Leeuw, N.H. (01.11.2010). Computer simulations of water interactions with low-coordinated forsterite surface sites: Implications for the origin of water in the inner solar system. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 300 (1-2), (pp. 11-18).
King, Helen E., Plümper, Oliver & Putnis, Andrew (15.08.2010). Effect of secondary phase formation on the carbonation of olivine. Environmental Science & Technology, 44 (16), (pp. 6503-6509) (7 p.).
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