Gabriel Cardenas Belleza MSc

PhD Candidate
Geographical Hydrology

Gabriel is a water resources engineer specialized in (geo)hydrological modelling and data analysis. He is currently pursuing a PhD at Utrecht University, which is focused on sectoral water use responses and feedbacks under drought-heatwave events. Prior to this position, he obtained a M.Sc. in Groundwater and Global Change - Impacts and Adaptation. He has experience in water resources evaluation for mining, hydropower and agricultural projects: water balance estimation, hydrological and groundwater modelling, meteorological data processing and analysis. He has special interest in integrated evaluation and modelling of water resources systems and its sustainable use in climate change scenarios.

Gabriel's PhD research is framed by the VIDI project, in which he will be mainly focused on quantifying the response of sectoral water use and its interrelation with water quality in droughts and heatwave events. This evaluation (together with a water quality evaluation performed by other PhD) will be focused on assessing future water scarcity problems under expected future scenarios and to propose alleviation measures. To achieve this, Gabriel will be initially working on developing an updated global scale sectoral water use model.