Dr. Florian Verbeek

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer F3.06
3584 CS Utrecht

Dr. Florian Verbeek

Educational Consultant/Trainer
Educational Development & Training
+31 6 14 490 642

I assist and take initiative with regard to university- and professional education inside and outside Utrecht University. My educational advisor focus is on curriculum development and reform, university governance and organization, and interdisciplinary higher education. I am active in every UU faculty, and take on an avarage of 15 projects a year.
   As trainer-advisor I work on the professionalization of university educational directors, and the course 'PhD supervision', currently at the UU Graduate School of Life Science and Technical University of Eindhoven.

A selection of recent advisory projects:

- Interdisciplinary minor (re)development: Dynamics of Youth; Sexuality, Health & Wellbeing
- Challange-based and research-based educational programs involving societal partners: Da Vinci program; Bachelor Research Hubs
- Developing university-level strategy and tools for interdisciplinary education
- Development of an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) 'Global Justice Lab'
- Measuring impact and researching the potential and effectiveness of the 'USO' university-wide educational innovation program
- And a number of others around various subjects such as: online learning, active learning, lesson and activity design, assessment plans, internationalisation, and digitization & AI in the curriculum