Femke van de Glind BSc

Project Coordinator
Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning
Student Assistant
Public Governance and Management

Project leader Center for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT)
Within the CAT I’m specifically connected to the T@UU teaching community. This community is the network for and by all teachers at Utrecht University. At T@UU, teachers meet each other, both online and in person, to share knowledge, gain ideas and inspiration and to jointly develop projects. A network with room for creativity and innovation. The vision of T@UU is to listen to and voice the interests of all UU staff involved in education, with the aim of strengthening our educational environment.
Skills: organizing events, project management, project planning

Research assistant, Department Utrecht School of Governance (USG)
Within USG I have contributed to various quantitative and qualitative research.
- Horizon project ROBUST: about robust crisis governance in turbulent times. Financial crisis, immigration crisis, COVID-19. How can societies govern themselves, deliver stable public services and protect democracy amidst constant turbulence. The ROBUST project seeks answers to these questions by focusing on robust governance.
Skills: case studies, interviews, qualitative research
- Open science research in collaboration with the Kiesmannen associated with the theater performance 'Looking for Europe', about the influence of the theatershow on people's attitudes and ideas about Europe and the EU.
Skills: Surveys, quantitative research, communication