Dr. Erik de Lange

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Dr. Erik de Lange

Assistant Professor
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At the Edge of the Imperial Meridian: Rethinking the 1830 Revolutions (with Beatrice de Graaf)Erik de Lange (Invited speaker)
3 Feb 2023
, 52nd Annual Conference of the Consortium of the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850


Occupying the Pirate Fortress. Imperial Cooperation in the Aftermath of Navarino, 1827-1828Erik de Lange (Invited speaker)
21 Oct 2022
, Revolution, War and Trade in an Age of Upheaval. The Eastern Mediterranean between the Greek Revolution and the Egyptian-Ottoman War (1821-1841)
An Expansionist Gathering. The 1830 Invasion of Algiers as a Transnational EndeavourErik de Lange (Presenter)
12 Apr 2022
, 35th Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of French History


Editorial Workshop: 'Securing the World: Imperial Cooperation and Competition in the Nineteenth Century'Erik de Lange (Organiser)
28 Sept 2021


The Fight against Barbary Piracy. Security and Empire in the Nineteenth-Century MediterraneanErik de Lange (Invited speaker)
21 Feb 2020
, LSU Modern History Colloquium Series


The Recorded Legacy.The Paris Declaration of 1856 and its Troubled PrecedentsErik de Lange (Invited speaker)
9 May 2019
, Cultures of Security in the Nineteenth Century. Transimperial Perspectives
49th Annual Conference of theConsortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850Erik de Lange (Participant)
2 Mar 2019


Political History PhD Network Annual Workshop, 'The Pursuit of Legitimacy'Erik de Lange (Organiser)
25 Oct 201826 Oct 2018
Consortium on the Revolutionary EraErik de Lange (Participant)
23 Feb 2018


The Cultural History of Politics. Masterclass with prof. dr. Barbara Stollberg-RilingerErik de Lange (Participant)
29 Nov 2017
Political History PhD Network WorkshopErik de Lange (Participant)
26 Oct 2017
Das Meer. Maritime Welten in der frühen NeuzeitErik de Lange (Participant)
6 Oct 2017
Securing the World, KNAW ColloquiumErik de Lange (Participant)
26 Sept 2017
Historicidagen 2017Erik de Lange (Participant)
25 Aug 2017
PhD Workshop of the French Colonial Historical Society (FCHS)43rd Annual Meeting, 2017Erik de Lange (Participant)
15 Jun 201717 Jun 2017
Research Seminar of the Research School for Political History (OPG): Purpose, nature and afterlife of violent conflictsErik de Lange (Participant)
17 Mar 2017


'Making Peace and Changing Fates. The Congress of Vienna and the Securitizing of the Barbary Corsairs'Erik de Lange (Invited speaker)
16 Dec 2016
, Rethinking Continuity and Change in Early Modern and Modern Political History
'A ‘Saturnian reign’? Europe and the 1816 Anglo-Dutch bombardment of Algiers'Erik de Lange (Invited speaker)
17 Jun 2016
, Doctoral Workshop On The History Of International Relations
Rethinking the MediterraneanErik de Lange (Participant)
9 May 201613 May 2016
Presented paper 'Menacing tides. Fear and other sentiments in the securitization of Mediterranean piracy, 1814-1816' as part of the panel 'Feeling Secure. The Making of a Security Culture in Europe and Beyond, 1815-1914'.Erik de Lange (Invited speaker)
31 Mar 2016
, European Social Science History Conference
'Algiers burning. Dutch security efforts in post-Napoleonic Europe'Erik de Lange (Invited speaker)
17 Mar 2016
, Recasting the History of Dutch Foreign Relations, 1814-2000
Masterclass Jennifer Pitts, 'Boundaries of the International'Erik de Lange (Participant)
22 Jan 2016


'Menacing tides. The European fight against maritime threats and the securing of the Mediterranean, 1815-1856'Erik de Lange (Invited speaker)
22 Oct 2015
, ‘Understanding political history in and beyond the nation state’
'Securing Europe, Fighting its enemies 1815-1914. Historicizing security'Erik de Lange (Invited speaker)
1 Sept 2015
ERC Project Blog (Journal)Erik de Lange (Editor)
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