Dr. Edwin Sutanudjaja

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer -
3584 CB Utrecht

Dr. Edwin Sutanudjaja

ICT Developer
Physical Geography Office
+31 30 253 2988

Dr. ir. Edwin H. Sutanudjaja considers himself as a hydrologist (and not as an ICT guy, as he does not have any computer science background). He got his PhD degree in Hydrology and Remote Sensing from Utrecht University and his MSc degree in Hydrology from TU Delft (with distinction). Since 2017, he has been appointed as a permanent staff member for the position of researcher/specialist for model development and support at the Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University.


Dr. Sutanudjaja is the core developer of PCR-GLOBWB, a large-scale hydrological and water resources model intended for global to regional studies and developed at the Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University. He is responsible for the PCR-GLOBWB maintenance and administering its version control system: https://github.com/UU-Hydro/PCR-GLOBWB_model.


Dr. Sutanudjaja is experienced with model coupling. He is also involved in several efforts to couple PCR-GLOBWB to other models and software packages. For instance, one of major achievements during his PhD was to couple PCR-GLOBWB with the MODFLOW groundwater modeling code for the Rhine-Meuse basin at 1-km resolution. The coupling procedure developed has become a prototype for the current version of PCR-GLOBWB that includes the possibility of simulating lateral groundwater flow and groundwater head dynamics at the global extent. Having worked extensively with large-scale models, Dr. Sutanudjaja is deeply experienced in handling and analyzing huge data. He has vast experiences in large-scale computational problems using various super computer or computing cloud technology.


His CV, including a list of his publications, recent works and projects, collaborations with external parties, as well as other relevant experiences and qualifications, can be found via the following link: https://goo.gl/1CvRKq.