Dr. Dennis Nguyen

Assistant Professor
Media and Performance Studies



Digital MethodsDennis Nguyen (Speaker)
16 May 2024
, Dalian University of Technology: Academy for Games & Media, Serious Games, Innovation & Society
Fake News, Technology & DemocracyDennis Nguyen (Speaker)
14 May 2024
, Humanities Honours Programme (UU)
Teaching Data Analytics from an Interdisciplinary Perspective - Data Rights as a Resources?Dennis Nguyen (Speaker)
9 Feb 2024
, Teaching with Data Rights
How important are the media as a watchdog for democracy?Dennis Nguyen (Speaker)
1 Feb 2024
, IOS Community Day: The Future of Democracy


How news media frame data risks in their coverage of big data and AIDennis Nguyen (Speaker)
17 Nov 2023
, Hungarian Sociological Association
Research Collaboration Directions: Computational Methods for Researching Media DiscoursesDennis Nguyen (Speaker)
27 Oct 2023
, Publicly Communicating Climate Science in the Platform Era
(Pragmatic)Collaboration for Progress or Threat to Autonomy? African News Discourses about Chinese Technology in Nigeria and GhanaDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
13 Jul 2023
, The International Association for Media and Communication Research 2023
The Need for an Interdisciplinary Perspective in Teaching Digital/Computational MethodsDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
24 Jun 2023
, DigiMethods2023 Winter School & Colloquium
News Website Research with PythonDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
20 Jun 202322 Jun 2023
, DigiMethods2023 Winter School & Colloquium
Data Bias - Contextualising a Key Challenge of Digital Transformation in Society and AcademiaDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
20 Jun 2023
, DigiMethods2023 Winter School & Colloquium
Algorithmic Controls & ExplainabilityDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
9 Jun 2023
, GDS Symposium: Observability, algorithmic systems and the public domai


“Public values should be leading!” Data Professionals’ Views on Challenges to Value-Driven Data Practices and Critical Data Literacy in the Public SectorDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
21 Oct 2022
, ECREA 2022 9th European Communication Conference
Understanding Digital China – Chinese Perspectives on Data-Driven TechnologyDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
11 Jul 2022
, International Association for Media and Communication Research
The News Framing of Artificial IntelligenceDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
23 Jun 2022
, Data Power


Is Data Justice a News Frame in Media Reporting on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?Dennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
May 2021
, Data Justice 2021


Data Bias and Algorithmic DiscriminationDennis Nguyen (Organiser)
3 Dec 2020
Defining Data Literacy and Building Trust – How to Include User PerspectivesDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
24 Sept 2020
, EuroIA 2020
Rising "Data Superpowers", "Start-Up Countries", and a "New Arms Race"? The News Framing of Global Competition in the Data EconomyDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
Jul 2020
, International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2020


"Who Owns Your Data?"Dennis Nguyen (Organiser)
4 Dec 2019
The Ethical Challenges of Data-Driven Design – Technology’s Impact on TrustDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
26 Sept 2019
, EuroIA 2019


How Does Technology Transform Media and Public Opinion?Dennis Nguyen (Organiser)
26 Sept 2018
Fake News vs. Facts. Government Responses to Misinformation During the European Refugee CrisisDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)


#catalanreferendum: Twitter Use During the Catalan Independence ReferendumDennis Nguyen (Invited speaker)
, Connecting to the Masses – 100 Years since the Russian Revolution: From Agitprop to the Attention Economy