Daniil Scheifes MSc

Junior Assistant Professor
Global Ecohydrology and Sustainability

I am both a teacher and researcher at the Copernicus Institute. My role encompasses teaching various courses within the bachelor program of Global Sustainability Science. Some of the courses I instruct include landscape ecology and nature conservation, philosophy of science and ethics, environmental philosophy, and ecohydrology.

In my teaching, I am dedicated to delivering students high-quality, cutting-edge knowledge on sustainability topics while remaining accessible to address their individual needs. I take great pleasure in my role as an educator and find fulfilment in engaging with my students, particularly in facilitating them in their own learning curve as human beings.

Short research introduction

My research revolves around understanding the intricate relationships between ecosystem functioning, plant diversity, and nutrient availability, with a specific focus on nutrient stoichiometry. For this, I explore the balance between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, why this balance differs between ecosystems and how plants cope with that. My investigations include an analysis of how both above-ground and below-ground plant traits enable various plant species to acquire and utilize nutrients, as well as how specific traits help species thrive and compete under different forms of nutrient limitations. Additionally, I explore global patterns of plant distribution in response to nutrient enrichment resulting from human activities.

My research aims to generate new insights in plant ecology and ecosystem functioning that can be applied practically in nature management and land use planning.