Dr. Dorothea Gädeke

Associate Professor
Ethiek Instituut

I joined Utrecht University in 2018. Before that, I taught at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany, and at TU Darmstadt, Germany and spent time as a visiting scholar at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa and at Princeton University, USA.


My research is motivated by the urge to understand and address current social and political challenges. It is situated at the intersection of political philosophy, social philosophy and legal and constitutional theory. I specialize in domination and structural injustices and analyse how they are connected to practices of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. I am particularly interested in transnational relations between the global north and the global south. In my book Politik der Beherrschung (2017, Suhrkamp), I show how both democracy promotion and its post-colonial critique have reverted into a politics of domination. Currently, I am setting up a new project on agency and resistance against unfreedom (see under research).


I am committed to bridge continental, analytical and marginalized approaches. The Critical Republicanism I am developing reconnects neo-republicanism with Kantian republicanism, contemporary critical theory and voices from below. My engagement with African philosophy and the methodology of theorizing from below reflects my interest in structural injustices by confronting relations of domination within academia itself.


I have taught a broad spectrum of courses in Political Philosophy, Legal and Constitutional Theory and Ethics, in both BA and MA programmes.


From January 2021-September 2023 I was the programme director of PPE College Utrecht.