Dr. Kees Koonings

Emeritus Professor
Cultural Anthropology
Social and Behavioural Sciences

Kees Koonings has been assistant professor from 1987-2000 and associate professor from 2001-2021 in the Department of Anthropology at Utrecht University. In 2021 he has been appointed Professor of Anthropology of Development and Conflict in the same department. He has been teaching on subjects related to Latin American studies (especially social movements, citizenship, political change and modernity), development studies (especially development theory, poverty and social exclusion), and the anthropology of violence and conflict. Since March 2011 he holds a partime special chair 'Brazilian Studies' at CEDLA/University of Amsterdam. From 2016-2021 he has been Head of Department of Anthropology at Utrecht University.

Latin American studies (especially Brazil, Colombia/the Andean region, Central   America); development theory; poverty and social exclusion; citizenship and social mobilisation; democratisation; militarism; conflict, violence and social reconstruction; ethnicity and social identity.