Bart Mijland MA
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Bart Mijland is

  • Coordinator of Internships, Alumni Relations & Labour Market for the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies 
    I support the Bachelor programs Islam & Arabic, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Artificial Intelligence, TCS and LAS; and the Master programs Applied Ethics, Religion & Society, Religious Studies (RMA) and Philosophy (RMA).

    Students can contact me with inquiries on finding an internship, or labour market orientation. Companies and organisations are welcome to send in their internship offers.

  • Project coordinator Fair Limits
    For this research project I manage and support the research team, and work on communication and administration.
Bio Coordinator Internships, Alumni Relations and Labour Market / Project coordinator Fair Limits
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Full name
B. Mijland MA Contact details
Janskerkhof 13

Janskerkhof 13
Room 1.08
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 9129
Postal address
Janskerkhof 13
3512 BL    UTRECHT
The Netherlands

Students can email for an appointment on Tuesdays afternoons or Wednesdays.

I work for Fair Limits on Mondays and Thursdays.

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