Academic biography

After working as a lecturer, postdoctoral researcher, and visiting fellow at the universities of Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Ghent, I was appointed as a senior researcher at Utrecht University in 2001.

In 2007, I was appointed Professor of Economic and Social History of the Middle Ages at Utrecht University. As well as various editorships and memberships of international committees, I acted as the head of the section Economic and Social History.

Bringing together the best researchers
In 2007, Utrecht University asked me to become the coordinator of the newly established university focus area “Origins and Impacts of Institutions”. It brings together the best researchers from the departments of history, sociology, economics, law and public administration. I am now working with them to develop this research area into a thriving, interdisciplinary research community, which aims to combine academic quality with societal relevance.

Our results were endorsed by Utrecht University in 2013 when this interdisciplinary programme became one of its four strategic themes. Also to include now colleagues from psychology, innovation studies and philosophy.  The associated four-year funding we received was renewed again in 2017.

Transitions of Economy and Society
In 2014, I was appointed distinguished Faculty Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University. The title of my chair is “Transitions of Economy and Society”. This title closely reflects the work within the interdisciplinary research theme “Institutions for Open Societies” and also the start of a new, ERC-funded project, called “Coordinating for life”, on the resilience of societies and its determinants. Besides my research responsibilities, I teach at the Departments of History and Economics.

In 2019, I received the Spinoza Prize from the NWO, which will be spent on scientific research.

More information can be found on my personal webpage.

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