Dr. Brenda Oude Breuil
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Assistant professor of Criminology

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Curriculum vitae

Brenda Carina Oude Breuil is assistant professor in Criminology at the Willem Pompe Institute since November 2009. She studied Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University (1990-1996) during which she conducted fieldwork in the southern Philippines (Davao-City) on girls in gangs and moral panic (1995-96), and in Romania on children in institutions (1993). From 1996-1998 she worked as a youth worker (‘streetcornerworker’) in Amsterdam. She obtained her PhD at the Willem Pompe Institute for Criminology and Criminal Law in 2005. Her dissertation confronted the question how the Council of Child Protection in the Netherlands positioned itself in the Dutch multicultural society (De Raad voor de Kinderbescherming in een multiculturele samenleving (2006) Den Haag: Boom Juridische Uitgevers). She was assistant professor in Anthropology at the department of Cultural Anthropology of Utrecht University from 2003 to 2009.

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All publications
  2017 - Television or radio appearances
B.C.M. Oude Breuil (29.04.2017) ARGOS Radio 1 Waar blijft het nieuwe zandpad?
B.C.M. Oude Breuil (15.06.2017) Article on prostitution policy in Utrecht
  2017 - Workshop, seminar, course
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (06.02.2017) Chair The (In)Visibility of Transgender Refugees and Migrants Utrecht (06.02.2017) Seminar on The (In)Visibility of Transgender Refugees and Migrants
  2017 - Invited talk
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (21.11.2017) Invited speaker DAMR Film Workshop ‘(Meta-)narratives on Migration Films; A context approach’ <br/>
  2017 - Membership of network
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2017 2018) Chair Financing Organized Crime Activities - focus on human trafficking (Event) Research project on Financing Organized Crime Activities - Focus on Human Trafficking. EU financed project, 11 EU countries involved. Country researcher for the Netherlands
  2016 - Reports
Bos, A., Loyens, K.M., Nagy, Veronika & Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2016). Uitbuiting van minderjarigen in de criminaliteit in Nederland - onderzoek naar de signalering aanpak en de samenwerking door professionals. (143 p.). Utrecht: USBO Advies en Willem Pompe Instituut voor Strafrechtswetenschappen.
  2016 - Television or radio appearances
  2016 - Lectures
B.C.M. Oude Breuil (30.09.2016) Uitbuiting van Minderjarigen in Criminele Activiteiten in Nederland
  2015 - Book parts / chapters
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. & Marguery, T.P. (2015). Freedom, Security and Justice for Whom? The Case Study of Bulgarian Street Prostitution in France. In Ton van den Brink, Michiel Luchtman & Miroslava Scholten (Eds.), Sovereignty in the Shared Legal Order of the EU - Core Values of Regulation and Enforcement (pp. 197-216) (19 p.). Cambridge: Intersentia.
Nagy, V. & Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2015). Mobility Rules. Migrant and Drifters Fare Well (?) in Post-Welfare Europe. In Ferry de Jong (Eds.), Overarching Views of Crime and Deviance - Rethinking the Legacy of the Utrecht School (pp. 527-546) (20 p.). The Hague: Eleven.
  2015 - Websites / portals
  2015 - Lectures
B.C.M. Oude Breuil (06.06.2015) Coordinator (together with Damián Zaitch) and lecturer
B.C.M. Oude Breuil (16.02.2015) Expert meeting Prostitution Zandpad Utrecht
B.C.M. Oude Breuil (11.06.2015) Pecha Kucha Presentation together with: Elena Krsmanovic (PhD Criminology, UU)
  2014 - Book parts / chapters
Oude Breuil, Brenda, Schuilenburg, M. & Van Steden, R. (2014). A Critique of Security - Towards a Positive Turn in Criminology. In M. Schuilenburg, R. Van Steden & B. Oude Breuil (Eds.), Positive Criminology - Reflections on Care, Belonging and Security (pp. 9-16). The Hague: Eleven.
Oude Breuil, Brenda (2014). Fluid Security? Home, Care and Belonging in Prostitution Migration. In M. Schuilenburg, R. Van Steden & B. Oude Breuil (Eds.), Positive Criminology. Reflections on Care, Belonging and Security (pp. 129-144). The Hague: Eleven.
  2014 - Book editorship
Oude Breuil, Brenda, Schuilenburg, M. & Van Steden, R. (2014). Positive Criminology. Reflections on Care, Belonging and Security. (155 p.). The Hague: Eleven.
  2012 - Book parts / chapters
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. & Siegel, D. (2012). De autonome sekswerker: mythe of blinde vlek? Stereotypering en ‘de-responsibilisering’ in het Nederlandse prostitutiebeleid. In F. de Jong & R.S.B. Kool (Eds.), Relaties van gezag en verantwoordelijkheid: strafrechtelijke ontwikkelingen (pp. 139-157) (19 p.). Den Haag: Boom Lemma.
  2011 - Articles
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2011). Alles stroomt…? Over ‘cultuur’ in de culturele criminologie. Tijdschrift over Cultuur & Criminaliteit, 1 (0), (pp. 18-34) (17 p.).
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. & Siegel, D. (16.06.2011). Een woonwijk als rosse buurt. Brabants dagblad
Oude Breuil, B.C.M., Siegel, D., van Reenen, P., Beijer, A. & Roos, Y.B. (2011). Human trafficking revisited: Legal, enforcement and ethnographic narratives on sex trafficking to Western Europe. Trends in Organized Crime, 14, (pp. 30-46) (17 p.).
van der Pijl, Y., Oude Breuil, B.C.M. & Siegel, D. (2011). Is there such thing as 'global sex trafficking'? A patchwork tale on useful (mis)understandings. Crime, Law and Social Change, 56 (5), (pp. 567-582) (16 p.).
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. & Siegel, D. (16.06.2011). Rosse buurt is een woonwijk. BN DeStem
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (16.06.2011). Thuis sekswerken bloeit. SPITS
Oude Breuil, B.C.M., Siegel, D., de Wildt, S.N. & Nagy, V. (16.06.2011). Woonwijk vaak rosse buurt. De Twentsche Courant Tubantia
  2011 - Books
Oude Breuil, B.C.M., Siegel, D., Wild, C., Nagy, V. & de Wildt, R. (2011). Almere door een rode bril. Fenomeenonderzoek naar seksuele dienstverlening. Almere: Gemeente Almere.
  2011 - Book parts / chapters
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2011). Bienvenue chez les grands! Border-crossings of Young Migrant Cigarette Vendors in Marseille. In G. Craig (Eds.), Child Slavery Now. A Contemporary Reader (pp. 189-202) (14 p.). Bristol: The Policy Press.
  2010 - Articles
Oude Breuil, B.C.M., Siegel, D. & Roos, L. (2010). The ethnography of Human Trafficking. CIROC Newsletter, 10th year (1), (pp. 2-3) (2 p.).
  2009 - Articles
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. & Rozema, R. (2009). Fatal Imaginations. Death Squads in Davao-City and Medellín Compared. Crime, Law and Social Change, 4 (52), (pp. 405-424) (19 p.).
Rozema, R.A.P. & Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2009). Fatal Imaginations: Death Squads in Davao City and Medellin Compared. Crime, Law and Social Change, 52, (pp. 405-424) (20 p.).
  2008 - Articles
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2008). 'Precious Children in a Heartless World?' The Complexities of Child Trafficking in Marseille. Children & Society (Blackwell), 22, (pp. 223-234) (12 p.).
  2003 - Book parts / chapters
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2003). De Raad voor de Kinderbescherming. In F. Bovenkerk, M. Komen & Y. Yesilgoz (Eds.), Multiculturaliteit in de strafrechtspleging (pp. 113-124) (12 p.). Den Haag: Boom Juridische Uitgevers.
  2002 - Book parts / chapters
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. & Post, M.G.J. (2002). De praktijk van openbaarheid, of waarom cricket zo moeilijk te begrijpen is. In A. Beijer, C.H. Brants, L. van Lent & C.M. Pelser (Eds.), Openbare Strafrechtspleging (pp. 159-180) (22 p.). Deventer: Kluwer.
  2001 - Articles
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2001). Als liefde laat lijden. Het hoe en waarom van de crime passionel. MensenStreken : antropologisch tijdschrift, 2, (pp. 8-11) (4 p.).
Oude Breuil, B.C.M. (2001). Creatief met cultuur? Omgaan met culturele diversiteit van jongeren met politiecontacten bij de Raad voor de Kinderbescherming. Kind en adolescent, 4, (pp. 312-325) (14 p.). themanummer: Gedrag gekeerd.
  0 - Television or radio appearances
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At present, she is conducting research on human trafficking and youth migration to Marseille, France, focussing in particular on the occurrence of this phenomenon in relation to global inequalities and power struggles. She is specifically interested in the link between law enforcement conditions in new EU-member states and trafficking victimisation in these countries (e.g. Bulgaria/ Roumania). She has participated as expert in an international feasibility study, partly financed by the European Commission, on the possibilities of organized, voluntary return of trafficked children to their home countries (2007-2009) and coordinated an interdisciplinary research, funded by the Focus and Mass Research Programme Conflict and Human Rights at Utrecht University on ‘human trafficking imagined; myths on victims and perpetrators reconsidered’. She is currently interested in prostitution migration (and the eventual occurrence of human trafficking within this form of labour migration), forms of exploitation of migrant minors (e.g. in the illegal business of cigarette selling), excesses in forced migration and innovative, qualitative research strategies aimed at studying ‘hidden’ populations.


Study of globalisation processes; transnational mobility & forced migration; human trafficking; urban diversity & ‘space wars’; organised crime

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She coordinates and teaches courses of the Minor Criminology (e.g. Verdieping Criminologie) and the Master Criminology (e.g. Cultural Criminology). As assistant professor in Anthropology (2003-2009) she earned a grant for talented young teachers and she was chosen ‘best teacher of the year’ by her anthropology students in 2008. She currently is co-promotor of a study on the relation between a post-conflict situation and the development of the sex industry in Kosovo.

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Full name
Dr. B.C.M. Oude Breuil Contact details

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The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 7522
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