Dr. A. (Abigail) Nieves Delgado

Assistant Professor
History and Philosophy of Science

Reading group: History and philosophy of race and microbes

As part of the project “Microbiome research and race in the ‘Local South’” (Vidi, NWO) we would like to invite you to join us in our new reading group “History and philosophy of race and microbes”. We want to encourage all those interested in microbiome research, colonialism and science, race and ethnicity, health inequalities, philosophy of race and history and philosophy of science to join our meetings. We are happy to receive suggestions on readings related to these and similar topics. 


Thursday April 25th 15:30 CET Butys Ballot building 3.45. Readings: 

  1. “Impact of Diet in Shaping Gut Microbiota Revealed by a Comparative Study in Children from Europe and Rural Africa” by Carlotta De Filippo, Duccio Cavalieri, Monica Di Paola, Matteo Ramazzotti, Jean Baptiste Poullet, Sebastien Massart, Silvia Collini, Giuseppe Pieraccini, and Paolo Lionetti. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1005963107.
  2. “Gut Microbiome Profiling of a Rural and Urban South African Cohort Reveals Biomarkers of a Population in Lifestyle Transition.” By O H Oduaran, F B Tamburini, V Sahibdeen, R Brewster, F X Gómez-Olivé, K Kahn, S A Norris, et al. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12866-020-02017-w.

Join online here


Previous sessions:

Thursday March 28th 15:30 CET Reading “Physical anthropology and the quest for the missing link”, Scientific Racism in Modern South Africa by Saul Dubow.

Thursday April 11 15:30 CET Reading Chapter 5 “Ghosting Race” from Benezra "Gut anthro : an experiment in thinking with microbes ” (2023).