Prof. dr. A. (Andries) Meijerink

Prof. dr. A. (Andries) Meijerink

Condensed Matter and Interfaces
+31 30 253 2202

Ancillary activities

  • Member | Jury AMMODO Science Awards | AMMODO | Remunerated (Utrecht University)
  • Gasthoogleraar | University of Lanzhou | Not remunerated
  • Adviser | Nichia, Japan | Remunerated (Utrecht University)
  • Member | Tafel Chemie NWO | NWO | Not remunerated

Ancillary activities:

Member Round Table Chemistry NWO (Netherlands Science Foundation)

Guest Professor Lanzhou University

Vice-Chair Chemistry of Materials Community NWO

Member Organization Committee various conferences (DPC, Phosphor Safari, Phosphor and QD Forum, REMAT, Feofilov Symposium etc.)

Member Editorial Board various journals (Light Science and Applications (Nature Group), Journal of Luminescence, Journal of Rare Earths)

Secretary Chemistry Division KNAW (Netherlands Academy of Sciences)

Member PAC MAX IV Synchrotron Lund