Anne Keirse is a professor of Private Law at Utrecht University and a judge at the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam. She is director of the Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law (UCALL),


It is an ambition of Anne Keirse to explore what tomorrow's private law will entail. In which direction are we heading now and why and how should this course be influenced? 

The research and teaching activities of Anne Keirse are primarily focused on the law of obligations, with emphasis on the field of Dutch and European tort law, Dutch and European contract law, law of damages, prevention and mitigation of damage. In her work, Anne Keirse is particularly interested in utilizing the law of obligation, not only for the purpose of retrospectively sanctioning socially undesirable behavior, but also, to promote the use of private law in facilitating socially desirable behavior in the future. She subscribes to the maxim that prevention is better than cure.

Professor of Private Law
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