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Ultrathin 2-dimensional nanomaterials (nanosheets) have attracted increasing interest over the past decade due to their unique physical, electronic, and structural properties. Well-known examples are graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides. Nanosheets (NSs) are typically obtained by exfoliation of bulk materials or grown on substrates by MBE or CVD. These methods are however not suitable to produce large amounts of free standing NSs and offer little control over their shape and lateral dimensions. Colloidal chemistry offers a promising alternative. Nevertheless, ultrathin (L≤2.5 nm) colloidal NSs have only recently been reported, and are limited to just a few materials. The control over the lateral dimensions and shape is still limited, and the NSs are often entangled, folded, or aggregated. To fully exploit the potential of ultrathin colloidal NSs, improved preparation methods and new materials are needed.


We work on the development of new methods to synthesize ultrathin size-and shape controlled colloidal Cu2-xA (A= S,Se) nanosheets. Cation exchange will be subsequently used to convert these nanomaterials into colloidal NSs of a number of other metal chalcogenides (CuInA2, CdA, PbA, MoS2). Colloidal Cu2-xS/ZnS and Cu2-xS/CdS heternonanosheets will also be obtained, by using a multistage seeded hetero-epitaxial growth approach. We also aim to gain a better understanding of the optoelectronic properties of these novel colloidal NSs. The formation mechanism of the Cu2-xA NSs will be investigated in detail by using a combination of optical, vibrational, and 119Sn NMR spectroscopies, and structural characterization techniques (XRD, TEM). The nanomaterials obtained will be systematically studied by using a combination of advanced structural characterization (XRD, TEM, HRTEM, EDS, Z-STEM, energy filtered TEM, EELS) and optical spectroscopy (exciton lifetimes, absorption, emission and excitation spectra, PL quantum yields) over a wide temperature range (1.5-500 K). The intra-band relaxation and exciton dynamics will be probed by transient absorption and THz time-domain spectroscopy. Selected samples will be studied at the single particle level both by optical microscopy and scanning tunneling spectroscopy. The plasmonic properties of the ultrathin colloidal Cu2-xA NSs will also be investigated. 

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All publications
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