Prof. dr. Herman Kasper Gilissen LLM

Staatsrecht, Bestuursrecht en Rechtstheorie
030 253 8092

Herman Kasper Gilissen (Arnhem; 21 May 1982) holds an LLM (Utrecht University, 2008) and a PhD in Legal Research (Utrecht University, 2013), both within the field of Environmental Law. In 2013 he publicly defended his dissertation about the legal dimensions of adaptation to climate change in Dutch water management. He currently is professor of Climate Change, Regulation and Deltas. He works for the Delta Climate Center (DCC; Vlissingen) and the Institute for Jurisprudence and Constitutional & Administrative Law/Utrecht University Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL; Utrecht). He is member of the UCWOSL Board since 2023. 

His research and interests focus on the broad domain of environmental/water law and governance. Within the DCC he focusses on the question which contribution law can have in increasing sustainability and climate resilience of deltas, the Zeeland Delta in particular. He regularly participates in mono-, inter- and transdiscplinary research projects in this field and publishes in national and international academic journals and other academic and professional fora. He is an active member of the interdisciplinary UU-network 'Water, Climate & Future Deltas' and participates in several interdisciplinary NWO-funded research projects (e.g. 'AquaConnect' on innovations in drought risk management in the Netherlands). Lastly, he (co-)supervises a number of PhD projects in the field of environmental law. 

As a qualified senior lecturer in the Utrecht Law School, he is responsible for and involved in the development, organization and execution of academic courses on administrative and environmental law. He has been program leader and coordinator of the Master's Program 'Constitutional & Administrative Law/Environmental law' and its related Honor's Program (Master) from 2018 to 2024. Moreover, he is regularly involved in educational innovation projects, such as projects on the development of 'serious games'/governance simulations and the development of interdisciplinary teaching programs. He is involved in the UU-wide USO Project 'Interdisciplinary Education Platform' (IEP), creating a network of teachers who are involved or interested in interdisciplinary education and learning.   

In addition to his work at Utrecht University, he serves with the Royal Netherlands Army Reserve Corps. He likes to participate in long-distance walking events. He lives in Utrecht with his partner, daughter, son and two cats.