Dr. Sanne Djojosoeparto MSc

Urban Geography

Sanne Djojosoeparto is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning at Utrecht University. Her research focuses on the evaluation of governmental policies influencing food environments. With her research, she aims to gain insight into how governmental policies could be improved to create healthy food environments. In addition, she aims to understand the differential impact of food environment policies on different socioeconomic groups. 


Current research programmes:

Policy Evaluation Network (PEN): as part of PEN (https://www.jpi-pen.eu/), a JPI-HDHL-funded project and in collaboration with the International Network for Food and Obesity/Non-communicable Diseases Research, Monitoring and Action Support (www.informas.org), we applied the Food-Environment Policy Index (Food-EPI). 


  1. To provide an overview of national/EU level policies with a direct or indirect (potential) influence on food environments;
  2. To assess the strength of national/EU level policies and identify implementation gaps, by non-government, independent experts;
  3. To identify and prioritise policy and infrastructure support actions to improve food environments, by non-government, independent experts.