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Confession, Authority, and Masculinity in the Early Middle AgesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
21 Sept 2022
Blessing beans. Episcopal concerns in the Gellone sacramentaryRob Meens (Invited speaker)
12 Sept 2022
, The Gellone Sacramentary (Paris, BnF lat. 12048)
Canon law in the early Middle Ages: problems and prospectsRob Meens (Invited speaker)
22 Jul 2022
, 16th International Congress of Medieval Canon Law
They Did Not Get Away with Murder in the Church: The 'Erembalds' and the Assassination of Charles the Good of Flanders, 1127Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
5 Jul 2022
, Leeds International Medieval Congress
Discussing purity and pollution in the early medieval West.Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
19 May 2022
'Quid sit canon vel quod contineatur in canone?' Canon law manuscripts in the Early Middle Ages?Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
25 Mar 2022
, Golden years for the dark ages. The transformation of early medieval studies since ca 1980. A conference in honour of Walter Pohl


'Bonifatius als radicale hervormer'Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
7 Nov 2019
, Willibrordsymposium
'Religie in Frisia in de achtste eeuw'Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
12 Oct 2019
, Sieperda Symposium
Klösterliche Normenmodelle. Die Bedeutung der BußeRob Meens (Invited speaker)
22 Jun 2019
, Otmars Welten
Converting Frisians: the evidence of the Paenitentiale Oxoniense IIRob Meens (Invited speaker)
17 May 2019
, Religious Exchange and Identities in Europe.


Response to Lecture by Gert J. van Klinken, 'Christianisation of the Netherlands - Facts and Fiction'Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
12 Nov 2018
, Second colloquy at PThU – RUG: Christianization of the Netherlands – Facts and Fiction
Constructing canonical authority: Memorializing Gregory the Great in the early Middle AgesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
13 Sept 2018
, The Drive for Purity
Strong emotions in Flanders: Murdering a count and its consequencesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
25 Jun 201828 Jun 2018
, International Medieval Meeting Lleida
Workshop: Paganism, processes of Christianisation and Pastoral Care in the Early Middle AgesRob Meens (Participant)
13 Apr 2018


Cultural Memory and the Rules for a Christian Life in the Early Medieval WestRob Meens (Participant)
30 Jun 2017
Cultural Memory and the Rules for a Christian Life in the Early Medieval WestRob Meens (Organiser)
30 Jun 2017
11 May 201713 May 2017
Medieval Rites: Reading the WritingRob Meens (Participant)
21 Apr 201723 Apr 2017
De gekortwiekte engel als gidsRob Meens (Invited speaker)
4 Mar 2017
, Aanbieding van het boek 'De gekortwiekte engel' van Piet Leupen aan de burgemeester van Zwolle (Zwolle, Michaëlskerk).


Het Utrechts Psalter in zijn historische context. Rehabilitatie voor Ebo?Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
12 Nov 2015
Het woord van WillibrordRob Meens (Invited speaker)
3 Oct 2015
, Weekend van de Wetenschap


Jews in Early Medieval Penitential Literature: Between Hermeneutical Jewry and Real PeopleRob Meens (Invited speaker)
28 Nov 2014
, Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture
Penance and satisfaction. Conflict settlement and penitential practices in the early Middle AgesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
29 Sept 2014
, Wergild, compensation and penance. The monetary logic of early medieval conflict resolution
The Irish contribution to the penitential traditionRob Meens (Invited speaker)
10 Jul 2014
, International Medieval Congress (Leeds 7-10 July)


Confession and marriage counsellingRob Meens (Invited speaker)
2 Jul 2013
, International Medieval Congress
Civilizational Formation: The Carolingian and ‘Abbasid Eras. An International Conference in Celebration of Thomas X.F. NobleRob Meens (Invited speaker)
14 Apr 2013


The uses of excommunication in missionary contexts (6th-8th centuries)Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
8 Nov 2012
, L'exclusion dans les sociétés du Haut Moyen Age (Ëcole française de Rome, Rome)
Did the Irish invent private penance? Irish penitentials in the sixth and seventh centuriesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
19 Oct 2012
, MÍCHEÁL Ó CLÉIRIGH INSTITUTE: Penance, Penitential Texts and Pastoral Care (University College Dublin)
Did Fulbert of Chartres write a penitential?Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
7 Aug 2012
, Fourteenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law
Gathering around the saint: The contribution of sacred places to the formation of identityRob Meens (Invited speaker)
19 Jun 2012
, Ethnicity and Christian Discourse in the Early Middle Ages


Congres: Kopstukken uit de Nederlandse MediëvistiekRob Meens (Organiser)
21 Oct 2011
Editing Boniface's letters: some thoughtsRob Meens (Invited speaker)
24 Sept 2011
, International workshop on the letters of Boniface
Penance as satisfaction: conflict settlement and penitential practices in the early Middle AgesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
14 Jul 2011
, International Medieval Congress
Millennium (Journal)Rob Meens (Editor)


Exil, Busse und sozialer Tod. Ausschliessungsmechanismen in den frühmittelalterlichen BussbuchernRob Meens (Invited speaker)
27 Nov 2009
, Sterben über den Tod hinaus. Politische, soziale und religiöse Ausgrenzung in vormodernen Gesellschaften (Münster)
The Rise and Fall of the Carolingians. Regino of Prüm and his conception of the Carolingian EmpireRob Meens (Invited speaker)
12 Sept 2009
, Conference in honour of Rosamond McKitterick's 60th birthday
Violence and religion: The sacred space around the grave of St. Martin of Tours and the practice of sanctuary in the early Middle AgesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
20 Jul 2009
, Harlaxton Medieval Symposium: Ritual and Space (Harlaxton)
Thunder over Lyons. Agobard, the tempestarii and ChristianityRob Meens (Invited speaker)
12 Jul 2009
, International Medieval Congress
Uniformity and secrecy as problems in the Carolingian reform of penanceRob Meens (Invited speaker)
12 Jun 2009
, Hludovicus Symposion. Third Encounter of the ANR-DFG Project Hludovicus (Utrecht)
Millennium (Journal)Rob Meens (Editor)
Millennium (Journal)Rob Meens (Editor)


Gregory the Great in the Prague Sacramentary. Ecclesiastical debates in Bavaria in the last quarter of the eighth century.Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
28 Nov 2008
, The Prague Sacramentary (Praag, Tsjechië - 2008)
Penance in the Prague SacramentaryRob Meens (Invited speaker)
8 Jul 2008
, International Medieval Congress
A preaching bishop. Atto of Vercelli and his sermon collectionRob Meens (Invited speaker)
19 Jan 2008
, Compilers, preachers and their audiences in the Early Middle Ages (Wenen, Oostenrijk)
Redactionele taken Editor van Millenuim (Event)Rob Meens (Member)
2008 → …
, Redactionele taken Editor van Millenuim


Millennium (Journal)Rob Meens (Editor)
Early Medieval Europe (Journal)Rob Meens (Editor)


Die Bussbücher und das Recht im 9. und 10. Jahrhundert. Kontinuität und WandelRob Meens (Invited speaker)
5 Oct 2005
, "Schandtaten, von denen man früher nicht gehört hat". Neue Normen und veränderte Praxis. Kirchliches und weltliches Recht am Ende des 9. und am Beginn des 10. Jahrhunderts (München)
Penance and Reform in Anglo-Saxon EnglandRob Meens (Invited speaker)
12 Aug 2005
, International Medieval Congress
Het christendom van Willibrord en BonifatiusRob Meens (Invited speaker)
27 Apr 2005
, Religie in Nederland in het eerste Millennium (Amsterdam)
Millennium (Journal)Rob Meens (Editor)


English missionaries in the Netherlands: Willibrord and BonifaceRob Meens (Invited speaker)
22 Sept 2004
, Nederlands-Engels Genootschap (Haren)
Remedies for sinsRob Meens (Invited speaker)
19 Sept 2004
, Early Medieval Christianity 600-1100 A.D. (Notre Dame, Southbend)
Twelfth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law: EditionsRob Meens (Invited speaker)
2 Aug 2004
Doing Penance: between voluntary act and social constraintRob Meens (Invited speaker)
14 Jul 2004
, International Medieval Congress
Welk christendom bracht Bonifatius?Rob Meens (Invited speaker)
11 Jun 2004
, Bonifatius en zijn tijd (Dokkum)
Aspekte der Christianisierung des VolkesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
4 Jun 2004
, Bonifatius - Leben und Nachwirken (754-2004). Die Gestaltung des christlichen Europas im Frühmittelalter (Mainz)
eendaagse workshopRob Meens (Participant)
1 May 2004
The conflict between Alcuin and Theodulf of Orléans over a sinful clericRob Meens (Invited speaker)
2 Mar 2004
, Medieval Seminar
Millennium (Journal)Rob Meens (Editor)


Defining the sacred: sacral spaces in the Early Middle AgesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
14 Jul 2003
, International Medieval Congress
Sacred space and the right of sanctuary in the early Middle AgesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
10 Apr 2003
, Defining the holy: sacred spaces in medieval and early modern Europe (Exeter)
Millennium (Journal)Rob Meens (Editor)
Millennium (Journal)Rob Meens (Editor)


To eat or not to eat. Dietary taboos in the 10th and 11th centuriesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
10 Jul 2002
, International Medieval Congress
Penitentials and the Practice of Penance in the 10th and 11th centuriesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
7 Jun 2002
, Neglected Texts: Penitentials in the 10th and 11th centuries (Utrecht)
Heidendom versus Christendom: zin en onzin van een tegenstellingRob Meens (Invited speaker)
14 Mar 2002
, De inheemse erfenis (Amersfoort)


Institutsseminar:Institut für Österreichische GeschichtsforschungRob Meens (Invited speaker)
4 May 2001
The Bobbio Penitential: its context and useRob Meens (Invited speaker)
28 Apr 2001
, The Bobbio Missal reconsidered (Utrecht)
Der verrückte Kaiser? Oder die Rolle der Priester beim Aufbau der fränkischen HerrschaftRob Meens (Invited speaker)
21 Mar 2001
, Wiener Werkstattgespräche (Wenen)


What is a strangled animal? Worries of a king in the 9th centuryRob Meens (Invited speaker)
7 Sept 2000
, EMERGE Conference
Priests and Frankish IdentityRob Meens (Invited speaker)
10 Jul 2000
, International Medieval Congress


Between the wild and the tame. Danger and the nature of animals in the Early Middle AgesRob Meens (Invited speaker)
17 Dec 1999
, Writing Nature in the Early Middle Ages/ Schreibungen der Natur im Frühmittelalter (Wenen)
"God in mijn achtertuin", ofwel schuld en boete in vroegmiddeleeuws IerlandRob Meens (Invited speaker)
29 May 1999
, Keltisch Colloquium (Utrecht)
The oldest Manuscript witness of the Collectio canonum Hibernensis: Kopenhagen Ny. Kgl. S. 58 8oRob Meens (Invited speaker)
26 Mar 1999
, The Collectio Canonum Hibernensis: Text and Context (Dublin)


Christentum und Heidentum aus der Sicht Willibrords? Das Zeugnis des Paenitentiale Oxiense IIRob Meens (Invited speaker)
28 Oct 1998
, Congres 'l'Evangelisation de l'abbaye d'Echternach/Die Christianisierung des Maas-Mosel-Raums und die Grundung der Abtei Echternach (5.-9. Jh.)
Priests and books in the Carolingian eraRob Meens (Invited speaker)
13 Jul 1998
, International Medieval Congress
"A relic from superstition". Bodily inpurity and the Church from Gregory the Great to the twelfth-century decretistsRob Meens (Invited speaker)
29 Jun 1998
, Congres Purity and Holiness
The role of the priests and the establishment of the kingdom of the FranksRob Meens (Invited speaker)
26 Mar 1998
, Congres 'Integration and Power in the Early Middle Ages'