Dr. Robert-Jan Bleichrodt

Hugo R. Kruytgebouw
Padualaan 8
Kamer O407
3584 CH Utrecht

Dr. Robert-Jan Bleichrodt

Universitair docent
Molecular Microbiology
030 253 2592



Cell wall composition heterogeneity between single cells in Aspergillus fumigatus leads to heterogeneous behaviour during antifungal treatment and phagocytosisRobert-Jan Bleichrodt (Invited speaker)
7 Feb 2022
, Heterogeneity in Host-Pathogen Interactions


Jobs highlighted: scientistRobert-Jan Bleichrodt (Speaker)
30 Sept 2021
Growth induced translocation effectively directs an amino acid analogue to developing zones in Agaricus bisporusRobert-Jan Bleichrodt (Invited speaker)
16 Sept 2021
, ISMS 2021


University of OxfordRobert-Jan Bleichrodt (Visiting researcher)
6 May 20195 Jul 2019


Institut Pasteur ParisRobert-Jan Bleichrodt (Visiting researcher)
26 Oct 20154 Dec 2015


Heterogeneity in the fungal myceliumRobert-Jan Bleichrodt (Invited speaker)
18 Apr 2012
, Voorjaarsvergadering van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medische Microbiologie (NVMM) en de Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Microbiologie (KNVM) (Papendal)
Hyphal heterogeneity in fungi is the result of dynamic interruption of cytoplasmic continuityRobert-Jan Bleichrodt (Invited speaker)
24 Jan 2012
, Ninth Symposium Kluyver for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation (Noordwijkerhout)


Septal plugging is a dynamic process which depends on the environmental conditionsRobert-Jan Bleichrodt (Invited speaker)
15 Mar 2011
, 26th Fungal Genetics Conference Asilomar 2011


Micro- and macro-colonies of Aspergillus niger are hterogenic with respect to gene expression and secretionRobert-Jan Bleichrodt (Invited speaker)
31 Mar 2010
, 10th European Conference on Fungal Genetics