Archaeologies of AI (2023 - ) is a research-creation project that involves academic research, writings, as well as artistic performances. Using the media-archaeological method, the project juxtaposes contemporary developments of technology with their historical counterparts. I conduct archival research and share the research output through storytelling and live performance. Each instalment of the series focuses on a specific historical or contemporary technological artefact, and in retelling its stories, I foreground marginalised voices of women, people of colour, and non-humans in the history of technology. Through these stories, I hope to empower audiences to reimagine possibilities of our technological futures by looking at its forgotten pasts. 

I am currently writing a monograph tentatively titled How We Lost Sense of Time: A Prehistory of Algorithmic Governance, which focuses on histories of timekeeping, clocks, and automata that instituted temporal governance, as a predecessor to contemporary algorithms which mediate new senses of machine-centric, algorithmic, computational time.