Dr. N. (Nienke) Endenburg

Universitair hoofddocent
Human Animal Relationships/ One Welfare
030 253 1565

Nienke Endenburg is a child and health psychologist and received her PhD for work on the human-animal relationship at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

She is doing research on the human-animal relationship at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, since 1991, where she also teaches in this field. Her special fields of interest are the influence of animals on the development of children, dog, cat and horse behavior, animal welfare, domestic violence and animal abuse. She is assistant professor.

In 2000 she founded her own psychology practice as a child and health psychologist.

She also teaches child development, Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) and Grief counseling since 2001 in Germany at the Institut für Sociales Lernen mit Tieren.

Since 2007 she is a staff member of the Clinic of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine for clinical matters, coordination and organisation

In 2010 she was a founding member of the Certipet foundation for pet behavior counselors. Since then she is a board member of this foundation.

In 2011 she became a member of the AWWC (Animal Welfare and Wellness Committee) of WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association).

 In 2016 she became a member of the Veterinary Advisory Panel in Singapore.