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Dr. Marije Stolte

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De onderliggende factoren van creatief rekenenM. Stolte (Invited speaker)
6 Sep 2019
, Afscheidssymposium Hans van Luit
Gating in’ creativity: A study on the psychophysiological basis of creativity in primary school childrenM. Stolte (Speaker)
21 Jun 2019
, EC3 – MIC Creativity Conference
PPI and P50 sensory gating in children with attentional problems and the relation to creativityM. Stolte (Speaker)
22 Mar 2019
, 5th Meeting of the Society for the Neuroscience of Creativity


Lecture dyscalculia & dyslexiaMarije Stolte (Invited speaker)
30 Oct 2018
Creativity from an Embodied and Situated ViewMarije Stolte (Organiser)
5 Oct 2018
Inhibition, Friend or Foe? Inhibition as a Moderator between Mathematical Ability and Mathematical Creativity in Primary School Children.Marije Stolte (Invited speaker)
3 Aug 2018
, Creativity Conference


Creativity and Inhibition: An Alternative Uses Task to Measure the Effect of Attention and Distraction on CreativityMarije Stolte (Invited speaker)
23 Oct 201724 Oct 2017
, Creativity and Innovation Week
The Negative Relationship Between Creative Giftedness and InhibitionMarije Stolte (Invited speaker)
3 Jul 20175 Jul 2017
, The International Conference on: Excellence, Creativity, and Innovation in Basic and Higher Education
UPCE conference 2017: Empowering creativity in EducationMarije Stolte (Organiser)
30 Mar 201731 Mar 2017


Utrecht Platform for Creativity in Education Marije Stolte (Organiser)
3 Oct 2016