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Medieval Urban Literacy 01-09-2007 tot 31-08-2010
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An important topic in recent research on medieval literacy is the growth of the so-called literate mentalities. In the Middle Ages, in towns one seems to have had more chance of being confronted with writing than elsewhere. The readiniess on the part of town dwellers to engage in the use of written documents can be considered as an important sign of changes in thinking and the perception of the world. This urban use of written modes of communication needs to be studied in the context of all modes of communication available to town dwellers. Research on medieval urban literacy so far has concentrated on particular towns or urbanized areas. The present project aims at forming an international network to study the phenomena of literacy and the development of towns from a pan-European perspective, in which both western and Byzantine urban societies are taken into account. This comparative approach will lead to an appreciation both of the role of the use of writing in medieval urbanization and, conversely, to a new understanding of the role of towns in the development of European literacy as such.
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