Dr. M. (Matteo) Monai

Dr. M. (Matteo) Monai

Universitair docent
Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

“We want to push the boundaries of catalyst design, using intermittent external stimuli to break the rules of catalysis”

Research focus: Catalysis, Spectroscopy, Small Molecule Activation

Matteo Monai is Assistant Professor in the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis research group at Utrecht University. The group develops and works with various spectro-microscopic techniques to study (functional) nanomaterials in various fields such as catalysis and environmental analysis. In particular, in heterogenous catalysis, Matteo aims to understand how to develop better catalysts by tweaking their structure both directly and using external stimuli, with a focus on nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts for small molecules activation (e.g. CO2 hydrogenation, dry methane reforming) and biomass conversion.

Fields of interest:

  • Heterogenous Catalysis
  • Spectro-microscopy
  • Small Molecule Activation