Dr. M.C.P.J. (Marie-Christine) Knippels

Buys Ballotgebouw
Princetonplein 5
Kamer 362
3584 CC Utrecht

Dr. M.C.P.J. (Marie-Christine) Knippels

Universitair hoofddocent
Science Education
030 253 2213

Christine is a biologist, holds a PhD in Genetics Education and completed a postdoc research project on moral reasoning in genomics-related dilemmas in science education.

Her research focuses on fostering responsible citizenship in science education and the development of metacognitive skills (e.g. systems thinking, reasoning with models in biology education) as part of scientific literacy. By means of Design based research and Lesson Study she focuses on scaffolding student learning and teacher professional development. She led the European PARRISE-project in which the SSIBL-approach for responsible citizenship education has been developed.

  • Project leader, NRO Longterm Practice-oriented education research: Science teacher competence in citizenship education about sustainability in science education (2019-2022)

EU projects

  • Lead applicant and coordinator of the Horizon2020 COSMOS project (www.cosmosproject.eu) - 'Creating Organisational Structures for Meaningful Science Education through Open Schooling for all' (2022-2025)
  • Coordinator of the FP7 project PARRISE (www.parrise.eu) - Responsible Research and Innovation in science education - Integrating socio-scientific issues, inquiry based learning and citizenship education in teacher education programs (2014-2018)
  • Steering group member and National representative in the COST- ENEC project (www.enec-cost.eu) - European Network for Environmental Citizenship through formal and informal education.(2017-2022)
  • Partner representative in FP7 project SYNENERGENE (www.synenergene.eu) - Empowering people for dialogue about synthetic biology. Developed and tested lesson modules on synthetic biology and opinion forming for secondary education.(2013-2017)

Member of the Academic Committee of the European Researchers in Didactics of Biology (ERIDOB)