Reserach interests

My work centers around investigating the consumer-related rebound effects within circular business models. By integrating the fields of environmental, behavioral, and innovation sciences, I aim to address two primary areas of inquiry:

  • Understanding consumer behavior: I seek to gain insights into the factors influencing consumers' behavioral responses to circular business models. By delving into the intricacies of when, why, and how rebound effects occur, we can better comprehend the underlying dynamics at play.
  • Developing a quantitative framework: In parallel, I am developing a framework that integrates realistic consumer behavior into Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This framework will enable us to quantitatively assess the magnitude of rebound effects. Such assessments are crucial for identifying the circular economy strategies that can genuinely contribute to the achievement of a sustainable economy.

I hope that my research will contribute to understanding of circular business models and their impact on consumer behavior. Thanks to a deeper comprehension of rebound effects, we can pave the way for more informed decision-making, shaping a more sustainable future.