Dr. Julia Swart

Adam Smith Hall (AA)
Kriekenpitplein 21-22
Kamer 2.12A
3584 EC Utrecht

Dr. Julia Swart

Universitair docent
Sectie Economics

Areas of interest:
Environmental and Resource Economics, International Economics, Macroeconomics, Development Economics
Short biography:
Julia Swart is Assistant Professor of Economic Sustainability at the Utrecht University School of Economics. She is also a board team member of the PPE bachelor program at the Utrecht University (https://www.uu.nl/bachelors/en/philosophy-politics-and-economics). This is an interdisciplinary program between Philosophy, Politics, Economics and History.


Julia's research lies at the intersection of three sub-fields in Economics: international economics, development economics and environmental economics. She is interested in researching the links between economic development, international relations and sustainability. In particular, she conducts research on how Foreign Direct Investment can contribute to the development of countries and how it affects the environment in the countries receiving Foreign Direct Investment. Latin America and Brazil more specifically have been core regions in her research. The key questions which Julia attempts to help clarify relate, therefore, to what type of policies can contribute to sustainable development. While doing so, she has done research in various related topics, such as: Social Technologies, Economic Complexity and Climate Change Control.


Julia holds a PhD in Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tinbergen Institute. The title of her PhD thesis is “Natural Resources and the Environment: Implications for Economic Development and International Relations”. She also holds an MPhil in Economics from the Tinbergen Institute and an MSc in Economics from the University of São Paulo. As a PhD student, Julia was a visiting scholar at the OxCarre at the Oxford University where she worked in one of the papers of her thesis.