Prof. dr. J. (Hans) Oerlemans

Buys Ballotgebouw
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht

Prof. dr. J. (Hans) Oerlemans


Glaciers, ice ages, sea-level change, global warming

During more than 40 years Hans Oerlemans has conducted research on the response of ice sheets and glaciers to climate change. Three questions have been central: (i) How do the Pleistocene glacial cycles ('ice ages') work ?, (ii) What are the most important feedback processes between ice dynamics and climate ?,   and (iii) How sensitive are glaciers and ice sheets to climate warming and what is the (potential) contribution to sea-level change ?

Results have been reported in 4 monographs and 233 peer-reviewed publications (93 as first author; 10 in Nature / Science).


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Ice and music:

Requiem for the glaciers in the Swiss Alps


In the media:

An interview on Dutch television

Lecture for 'Spinoza te paard' (in Dutch)


Information sheets:

Glacier fluctuations and climate change


Downloadable monographs:

Minimal Glacier Models

The Microclimate of Valley Glaciers