Hazar Kaan Özkonak

Internationaal en Europees Recht

Hazar Kaan Özkonak is a PhD Candidate in public international law at Utrecht University. Mr Özkonak is conducting research on ‘legal issues concerning current legal frameworks regulating the use of unilateral sanctions which are (third-party) countermeasures and retorsions’.  In order to resolve the legal uncertainty and provide better guidance on the resort to unilateral sanctions, his research aims to develop a normative framework which would regulate the use of unilateral sanctions in accordance with the international rule of law principles. His research is supervised by Professor dr Cedric Ryngaert, Dr Machiko Kanetake and Dr Alexandra Hofer. He is the member of International and European Law institute, Center for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE), and Ius Commune Research School.


Mr Özkonak holds a bachelor's degree in Law (LLB) from Marmara University (Istanbul, Turkey). He also obtained his Master of Laws degree in European Legal Studies (LLM) from the University of Bristol (Bristol, the United Kingdom) with the dissertation topic of ‘the application of unilateral environmental measures in WTO law and EU law’. 


His research interests cover the following issues in international law:

Decentralised non-forcible measures, i.e., unilateral sanctions which are also known as autonomous sanctions, economic sanctions, unilateral coercive measures or restiricitive measures, centralised non-forcible measures, i.e., sanctions imposed by the UNSC, the responsibility of States and international organizations, the international rule of law, enforcement mechanisms of international law, the means of dispute settlement, international legal theory, the use of force.

Beyond these matters, Mr Özkonak is also interested in EU law, in particular customs union, common foreign and security policy and the enlargement policy, WTO law, in particular general exceptions (Article XX of the GATT 1994) and free trade agreements, and international politics.


He also holds the Attorney-at-Law Licence granted by the Union of Turkish Bar Association and Ankara Bar Association.