Dr. Erna Ruijer

Universitair docent
Public Governance and Management

Journal Publications:

Ruijer, Erna. (2021). Designing and implementing data collaboratives: A governance perspective. Government Information Quarterly, 38(4), 101612.

Ruijer, E., Dingelstad, J., & Meijer, A. (2021). Studying complex systems through design interventions. Probing open government data ecosystems in the Netherlands. Public Management Review, 1-21

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Ruijer, Erna., & Meijer, A. (2020). Open government data as an innovation process: Lessons from a living lab experiment. Public Performance & Management Review, 43(3), 613-635

Ruijer, Erna, Grimmelikhuijsen, S.; Hogan, M.; Enxerink, S.; Ojo, A.; Meijer, A. (2017). Connecting societal issues, users and data. Scenario-based design of open data platforms. Government Information Quarterly 34, 3

Ruijer, Erna and Martinius, E. (2017). Research the democratic impact of open government data. A systematic literature review. Information Polity

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Oztoprak, Abdullah, and Erna Ruijer. (2016) "Variants of transparency: an analysis of the English Local Government Transparency Code 2015." Local Government Studies 42, 4,  536-556.
Ruijer, Erna (2012) Social Equity, Policy Intentions and Unanticipated Outcomes: a
Comparative Analysis of Work-Life Balance Policies, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice, 14, 4, pp 311-329
 Book Chapters:

Ruijer, Erna, Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen, Jochem van den Berg, and Albert Meijer. "Better together? Testing a collaborative approach to solve the local societal problems with open data." In Research Handbook on E-Government. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021.

Ruijer, Erna., & Arsenijevic, J. (2020). Access to Healthcare in the Netherlands. In Global Equity in Administration (pp. 281-302). Routledge.

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and Service Opportunities, Enabling Technologies, Challenges, and  Roadmaps Springer International Publishing: Cham Switzerland
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Ruijer, Erna (2013). Proactive Transparency and Government Communication in the USA and the Netherlands. Dissertation, Virginia Commonwealth University. Richmond VA

Conference Proceedings:

Baker, M., Groff, J., Détienne, F., Andriessen, J., Pardijs, M., Hogan, M., Harney, O.; Ruijer, Erna & Scarano, V. (2017, September). Technology-supported effective transparency around open data: a dialogue game analysis. In: Proceedings of the European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics 2017 (pp. 39-42). ACM.

Dutch articles 
Erna Ruijer (2017) Het verlangen naar transparantie en het nut van geheimen: een precaire balans. Beleid en Maatschappij, 44 (1) [Desire for transparency and the usefulness of secrets]
Suzanne Van Gils en Erna Ruijer (2005). “Een tijdschrift juist in deze tijd. De kracht van Customer magazines”. [Customer Magazines]. Platform 3: New media, new channels!?, RVD-Communicatiereeks, 72-79
Roelf Middel en Erna Ruijer (2002). “Slecht nieuws werkt niet?” [Public information campaigns: bad news doesn’t work?] Comma, 14 November 2002, 14-15