Prof. dr. Friederike Wagner-Cremer

Prof. dr. Friederike Wagner-Cremer

Fysische Geografie
030 253 2666

Palaeoecology and palaeobotany are research fields which are not just exciting, but deliver important information on the role of vegetation in system Earth. 

The tremendous sensitivity with which plants respond to changes in their environment provide us with an exciting toolbox to explore vegetation - climate interactions in the past, but also in the historical era where humans started to become players of climate and environmental change. The fine art of palaeobotany is to quantify any imprints that environmental changes leave behind in any preservable parts of plants. Palaeo-proxy development belongs to my main research targets and include atmospheric CO2 dynamics, spring season dynamics and the physiological CO2-forcing of plants.

Proxy develoment and paleo-reconstructions are based on a synergetic implementation of field studies, plant growth experiments, long-term and spatial monitoring and, last but not least, analysis of fossil plants from all kinds of sedimentary archives.