Prof. dr. Frank Biermann

Global Sustainability Governance


I have over 28 years of teaching experience in Germany, India, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States. At present, I teach the course “Foundations of Earth System Governance Research”, which introduces the Earth System Governance specialization of Utrecht University's MSc in Sustainable Development programme. I also contribute guest lectures in other courses.

In addition, I supervise each academic year 2-3 MSc thesis projects. In 2018, one of my students - Elizabeth Dirth - won the Best MSc Thesis Award of Utrecht University. In the 2023-2024 academic year, I am working with MSc students who seek to study the steering effects of Sustainable Development Goals, as part of the GlobalGoals project that we have launched in November 2018.

I am not able to supervise research visits or internship projects unless they are linked to the GlobalGoals project.

The language of all our education programmes is English.

(last update: October 2023)

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