Dr. E.R. (Elwin) Savelsbergh

Buys Ballotgebouw
Princetonplein 5
Kamer 369
3584 CC Utrecht

Dr. E.R. (Elwin) Savelsbergh

Universitair hoofddocent
Science Education
030 253 8214

My drive is to help providing the best Science and Technology Education to all, as a contribution to an open, just, and sustainable society. My current driving questions can be summarised as:

  • What is worthwhile to know/teach about science and technology in our present day world?
  • How can we, as teachers and designers, help students seeing the relevance of what they are learning in order to promote engagement and deep understanding?

Since June 2021, I have also been appointed as professor of Curriculum Development in Primary and Secondary Education at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.