Prof. dr. C. (Cristiane) de Morais Smith

Prof. dr. C. (Cristiane) de Morais Smith

Cond-Matter Theory, Stat & Comp Phys
030 253 3062

C. Morais Smith works on condensed matter physics, more specifically on strongly correlated systems. Her research spans a large variety of lowdimensional quantum systems, ranging from high-temperature superconductors to quantum Hall systems, graphene, and topological insulators.

More recently, she became interested also in cold atoms physics. When loaded into optical lattices, ultracold quantum gases allow us to emulate condensed matter systems.

The research done in her group involves mostly analytical techniques, such as field theory, renormalization group, Chern-Simons theory, bosonization, etc. The emphasis of her research resides in the connections between different physical systems, and how the knowledge of one system can be used to help the understanding of a more complex one.

  • Emmy Noether Distinction of the European Physical Society 2019, "for her outstanding contributions to the theory of condensed matter systems and ultracold atoms to unveil novel quantum states of matter"
  • "175 inspiring people", selected by the German Physical Society to celebrate 175 years of the DPG, 2020
  • 2016 Dresselhaus Prize, Hamburg University, Germany, "for her outstanding contribution to the understanding of topological phases in two-dimensional atomic and electronic systems"
  • International Advisory Council and Fellow of T.D. Lee Institute in Shanghai, China, since 2018
  • Special Visiting Professor Award, Science Without Borders, CNPq, Brazil, 2013-2016
  • VICI award 2007 (the Netherlands)
  • Prof. Boursier 2001 (Swiss National Foundation), equivalent VIDI

Condensed matter physics