Dr. C.M. (Cornélie) Westermann

Willem C. Schimmelgebouw
Yalelaan 114
Kamer 1.136
3584 CM Utrecht

Dr. C.M. (Cornélie) Westermann

Universitair hoofddocent
Equine Internal Medicine
030 253 1111


2008                              PhD  Utrecht University “Assessment of (patho)physiological alterations in equine muscle metabolism”
1987-1996                     DVM, Utrecht University


Selected distinctions and other merits

2023                            Nomination Senior Teacher Award Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

2017                            Achievement Award European College of Equine Internal Medicine

2015                            Nomination Senior Teacher Award Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

2015                            Hippo Zorg Horse Insurance Award  European Veterinary Conference ‘Voorjaarsdagen’: “Best                                          Presentation”

2013                            Senior Qualification Teaching (SKO)

2010                            Equine Veterinary Teacher of the year

2009                            Basic Qualification Teaching (BKO)

2007                            Specialist and Diplomate of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine (ECEIM)

2005                            “Specialist Equine Internal Medicine” of the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association


Selection of Courses  (See also list of courses and congresses)

2022                            Senior Leadership Track Utrecht University

2021- present              Associate Professor Leadership Course, Utrecht University

2021                            LEAD leadership course Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

2019 -2020                  Lighthouse International Educational Leadership Program for Experienced University Educational Leaders

2019                            Programme for Directors of Education

2017- 2018                  Vet 2020 Leadership Course Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

2010 - 2011                 Academic Leadership in Teaching (Centre of Excellent University Teaching CEUT), Utrecht University, with TAUU as spin-off (Teaching Academy Utrecht University)

2000 - 2022                 Numerous professional courses and congresses (for veterinary medicine, for teaching and for personal development)


Employment record

2019 - present             Director of Education Master of Veterinary Science

2019 -present              Associate Professor, Department of Equine Sciences, Internal Medicine, Utrecht University; clinic, research, teaching, management

2008 - 2019                 Assistant Professor, Department of Equine Sciences, Internal Medicine, Utrecht University

2005 - 2008                 Junior teacher/researcher Department of Equine Sciences, Internal Medicine, Utrecht University

2001 - 2004                 Resident Equine Internal Medicine, Department of Equine Sciences, Internal Medicine, Utrecht University

2000                            Veterinary Assistant, Department of Equine Sciences, Internal Medicine, Utrecht University

1996 - 2000                 Private mixed practice, Middelharnis, the Netherlands


Membership of Professional Bodies

KNMvD Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association

GGP Association of Equine Practitioners of the KNMvD, nowadays named  “Cluster Paard”

GVS Association of Veterinary Specialists of the KNMvD

ECEIM European College of Equine Internal Medicine

EBVS European Board of Veterinary Specialists


Fields of teaching and research within Internal Medicine

Equine Clinical Rotations

Equine Respiratory diseases, with focus on Equine Asthma

Equine Muscle disorders

Equine Neonatology, cardiology, urinary disorders, blood disorders


Research (see also list of publications / presentations)

Main research subjects

  • 2004-present Equine muscle metabolism including Atypical Myopathy in horses
  • 2002-present Equine respiratory disorders
  • 2021-present Equine Neonatology
  • 2021-present Education

Co-Promotor in PhD 2021-present  A. Van den Brom-Spierenburg Equine Neonatology

Opponent at PhD defense Michael Hewetson  “Sucrose permeability as a marker of gastric mucosal integrity in the horse” University of Helsinki, December 7th, 2018

Reviewer of various journals 2010-present:  Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Equine Veterinary Journal, The Veterinary Journal, Pferdeheilkunde, Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica

H-index: 13


  • 2023    Community Engaded Learning (CEL) Grant € 9.693,70
  • 2021    Member Project team Erasmus grant € 300.000
  • 2021    FSO project 'souffles € 7.500
  • 2021    Project leader FSO project ‘eClinic’ € 44.000
  • 2020    LifeLong Learning Project Apotheekbeheer € 4.000
  • 2020    Research grant ‘Methods of anesthesia in cats’ € 12.000
  • 2019    Research grant ‘Cortisol in hair of cats as method of measuring stress’ € 8.000

Key publications:

  • Westermann C.M., de Sain-van der Velden M.G., van der Kolk J.H., Berger R., Wijnberg I.D., Koeman J.P., Wanders R.J., Lenstra J.A., Testerink N., Vaandrager A.B., Vianey-Saban C., Acquaviva-Bourdain C., Dorland L. Equine biochemical multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (MADD) as a cause of rhabdomyolysis. Mol Genet Metab. 2007 Aug; 91(4):362-9.
  • Westermann C.M., Dorland L., Votion D.M., de Sain-van der Velden M.G.M., Wijnberg I.D., Wanders R.J.A., Spliet W.G.M., Testerink N., Berger R., Ruiter J.P.N., van der Kolk J.H. Acquired multiple Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency in 10 horses with atypical myopathy.
    Neuromuscular Disorders 2008; 18(5): 355-364.
  • Westermann, C.M., Van Leeuwen R., van Raamsdonk L.W.D. Mol, H. Hypoglycin A concentrations in maple tree species in the Netherlands and the occurrence of atypical myopathy in horses. J Vet Intern Med 2016, May;30(3):880-4.
  • Westermann C.M., Bok H.G.J. A decade of experience in high-stakes decision-making in competency-based education. JAVMA 2023; doi.org/10.2460/javma.23.05.0247

Management style

I am interested in soft aspects, talents and ambitions of people, and have preference for an optimal fit between organization and staff interests.

I prefer a mix of leadership and coaching, with emphasis on space for people to give input and enhance their own creativity.  

I love creating new formats and explore possibilities to improve education or clinical work.


Administrative activities

·         Departmental

2019 - present             Program Director ECEIM for Department

2018 - present             Supervisor colleagues in senior teaching qualification course

2017 - present             Coordinator equine courses on “circulation-respiration-urinary-blood”

2015 - 2021                 Member Helpdesk Equine infectious diseases (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, CVI (Central Veterinary Institute) and GD (National Health Service)

2013 - present             Supervisor colleagues in basis teaching qualification course

2012 - 2018                 Member Equine Master Teaching Committee (MOC-P)

2011 - 2012                 Coordinator Equine rotations C2001

2008  -2014                 Member and chair  of the social committee

2008 - 2015                 Member of  Congress Committee (chair 2011-2015)

2008 - 2017                 Supervisor residents

2006  -present             Formulary Committee

2006 - present             Supervisor students in bachelor and master thesis, tutor of students

·         Faculty

2023                                       Project Leader Accreditation / Visitation AVMA

2022 - present                        Chair Onderwijsdagcommissie

2022 - present                        Chair and founder teaching and Learning Committee, Fac Vet Med

2022 - present                        Chair Curriculum Committee Master of Vet Med

2022 - present                        Member Infectious Disease Outbreak Management Team, Fac Vet Med

2022 – present                        External coach PhD student

2021 - present                        Member facultary working group Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

2021 - present                        Chair of workgroup “education” in new housing project Fac Vet Med

2021 - present                        Chair Portfolio committee Scorion

2021 - present                        Chair project team eClinic

2021 - present                        Member advisory board DSK (veterinary student association)

2021 - present                        Course coordinator master 2022 “Thursday afternoons”

2021 - present                        Member expertise committee master 2022

2021                                        Project group “Primary care Veterinary Medicine”

2021                                        Project group NVAO accreditation

2020 - 2021                             Member covid-education team

2020 - 2021                             Chair workgroup “test improvement”

2020 - 2021                             Member development team master 2022

2019 - present                         Chair admissions committee Master Fac Vet Med

2019 - present                         Program Director BVISP (Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Scholars Program)

2019 - present                         Member Board of Studies Fac Vet Med

2019 - present                         Member committee ‘Kwaliteitsafspraken’

2019 – present                         Member library committee

2019 - 2021                             Chair project group “Ready Vet Go”, enhancing connection student-working life

2017 - 2019                             Project Manager LifeLong Learning

2017 - 2018                             Vet 2020 member advisory group and Project leader “Connection”

2014-2017                               Team leader Equine Medicine

2014 - present                         Member advisory board Capita Selecta Fac Vet Med

2013 - 2019                             Member Bachelor Teaching Committee Professional Development (LOC PO)

2009 - 2014                             Member of the Faculty Education Committee

2008 - 2014                             Member Skillslab Committee

2008 - 2010                             Member of the Bachelor Teaching Committee “Urinary tract and kidney diseases”

2006                                        Fastco Committee (Veterinary Strategy)

2003 - 2005                             Member of the Faculty Council

2003 - 2005                             Member of the Faculty Education Committee

·         Utrecht University

2022 - present                        Member USO (Utrechts Stimuleringsfonds Onderwijs) beoordelingscommissie Utrecht University

2022 - present                        Advocate SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) Utrecht University

2021 - 2022                            Member advisory board Life Long learning Utrecht University

2012                                       Co-founder TAUU (Teaching Academy Utrecht University)

·         National

2023                                       Working group Wellbeing future healthcare professionals NVMO (Dutch Society for                                                       Medical Education)

2023                                       Council of representatives KNMvD

2019 - 2022                            Coach for young veterinarians KNMvD

2012 - 2017                            Member and Chair ‘Permanent Equine Education’ (PEP) Committee GGP KNMvD

2008 - 2021                            Advisor care farm Enghoeve

2008 - 2011                            Chair Equine InterVision Group Midden Nederland

2002                                       Congress Committee KNMvD

2000 - 2002                            Regional Board KNMvD, Utrecht

1998 - 1999                            Regional Board KNMvD (Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association), Zuid Holland

1998                                       Radio veterinarian at “ Radio Flakkee” (weekly veterinary hour)

·         International

2022 - present                        Member Final Year Committee Veterinary Schools Council VSC

2019 - present                        Member Havemeyer Equine Asthma Group

2019 - present                        Program Director BVISP (Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Scholars Program)

2018 - 2022                            ECEIM nominations committee

2018 - 2022                            ECEIM Ombudsman

2018 - 2020                            Board of trustees WikiVet Foundation

2017                                       Chair ECEIM Summerschool

2015 - 2017                            Board Member EBVS (European Board of Veterinary Specialization)

2015 - 2017                            Past President ECEIM

2014 - 2019                            Member Congress Committee ECEIM (2015 Chair)

2014 - 2015                            President ECEIM

2013 - 2014                            Vice President ECEIM

2008 - 2013                            Secretary ECEIM (European College of Equine Internal Medicine)


International externships & invited visits:                

  • 2018                                       Royal Veterinary College, London, UK & Ghent University, Belgium, Lifelong Learning Project Visit
  • 2017                                       Purdue, Indiana, USA, research fellowship
  • 2015                                       UC Davis, USA, invited teacher
  • 2011                                       Toronto University Canada, educational visit
  • 2004 and 2011                       Cornell University USA externship Large Animal Internal Medicine & educational visit