Prof. dr. A.C.G. (Toine) Egberts

Prof. dr. A.C.G. (Toine) Egberts

Pharmacoepi. and Clinical Pharmacol.
030 253 7324

My aim is to reduce damage of medicines to people's lives and to the environment 

Toine Egberts (1965) obtained his PharmD in 1990 at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Thereafter he was trained as a clinical pharmacist during four years in the hospitals of Tilburg and Delft. In 1994, he started his PhD project at the department of Pharmacoepidemiology & Clinical Pharmacology of Utrecht University in collaboration with the Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Foundation 'Lareb'. This resulted in 1997 in a thesis entitled 'Pharmacoepidemiologic approaches to the evaluation of antidepressant drugs'. During his PhD-project he obtained the Master of Science degree in clinical epidemiology at the Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences.

He was appointed in 2001 as professor of clinical pharmacoepidemiology at the department of Pharmacoepidemiology & Clinical Pharmacology. Since 2006 he is also a professor of clinical pharmacy at the medical faculty of Utrecht University. In these positions he tries to bridge the drug environment and the patient environment.

From 2006 - 2017 he was the chief pharmacist of the department of clinical pharmacy of the University Medical Center Utrecht. In addition, he was during 5 years member of the board of directors of the division of laboratories and pharmacy of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

Since november 2018 he is director of doctor education of the Graduate School of Life Sciences of the Utrecht University. The coaching of PhD students gives him energy as it nicely balances performing research into medical/pharmaceutical puzzles with the personal development of young academic professionals. He had the opportunity to guide over 70 PhD students towards the 'hora est'. He has always been deeply involved in education, especially the training of hospital pharmacists, for which he received in 2016 the 'Senior Jan Glerum Award'.

He is (co)author of around 500 international peer reviewed scientific publications and acts as a reviewer for several scientific journals and international research funding organisations. For his research related to clinical pharmacy he received the 'Huizinga penning'.

He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Drug Safety. He is member of several committees such as the CCMO, the Netherlands Expertcenter for Pharmacotherapy for older people (EPHOR), and the advisory board of the Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists.

His research activities focus on a) the clinical pharmacology / clinical pharmacoepidemiology of drugs used in daily clinical practice, and b) on innovations in prescribing, monitoring and evaluation of medicines. In addition, he tries to promote sustainability in pharmacy ('green pharmacy').

He is married to Karin, has two daughters (Bibi and Louisa) and one son (Kilian) and in his spare time he likes to (trail)run, bootcamp, climb mountains and to play / listen to music.

ORC-ID 0000-0003-1758-7779

SCOPUS-ID 7004571941

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