40 Years SIM lustrum conference Life Begins at 40Antoine Buyse (Organiser)
2 Oct 2021
Early adapters: Bosnia and Kosovo binding themselves to the ECHR before ratificationAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
27 Aug 2021
, AHRI Conference 2021
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s constitutional domestication of ECHR through the Dayton Peace AgreementAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
27 May 2021
, SIM-Montaigne-UCALL conference ‘The European Convention on Human Rights: Beyond a Treaty
Aula Abierta, SIM, and others World Academic Freedom ConferenceAntoine Buyse (Participant)
25 May 202126 May 2021
Council of Europe Expert council on NGO Law Conference: Young Environmental Defenders and Their RightsAntoine Buyse (Organiser)
19 May 2021
Civil society and NHRIsAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
26 Apr 2021
, ENNHRI & Council of Europe High Level Conference on National Human Rights Institutions
PhD Committee Pauline PhoaAntoine Buyse (Member of committee)
PhD Committee Lisenne DelgadoAntoine Buyse (Member of committee)


The Past and Future of the Role of Civil Society in the ECHR SystemAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
4 Nov 2020
, The European Convention on Human Rights at 70 – Achievements, Challenges and Interactions with Legal Orders
Rule of Law from BelowAntoine Buyse (Organiser)
29 Oct 202030 Oct 2020
Rondetafel Grondrechten onder DrukAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
24 Sep 2020
, Nacht van de Dictatuur
Civil Society and the ECHRAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
17 Sep 2020
, Conference 70 years of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: challenges and prospects, organised by Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania
Creative Protesting in Times of Civic Space Squeezing - Reshaping the Freedom of AssemblyAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
5 Sep 2020
, AHRI Conference 2020: The future of human rights : socio-economic human rights, equality and development, organised by AHRI and the University of Pretoria
Pandemische aantasting van grondrechten: wereldwijde vergelijking en trendsAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
7 Jul 2020
KNAW Webinar Covid-19 en GrondrechtenAntoine Buyse (Organiser)
7 Jul 2020
Jury Member Netherlands Human Rights Tulip Prize of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Event)Antoine Buyse (Chair)
1 Jan 20201 Dec 2020
, Jury Member Netherlands Human Rights Tulip Prize of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Jurisdiction over foreign direct liability claims against transnational corporations in EU Member States Increasing access to remedy for victims of corporate human rights violationsAntoine Buyse (Member of committee)
13 Dec 2019
The Determination of Non-Pecuniary Reparations by Regional Human Rights Courts: A cross-regional comparative studyAntoine Buyse (Member of committee)
9 Dec 2019
Commissie Mensenrechten van de Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
1 Dec 20191 Dec 2023
Benoemingsbeleid orthodox-protestants onderwijs in het kader van de rechten van de mens [in Dutch].A.C. Buyse (Member of committee)
25 Nov 2019
Process-based Fundamental Rights Review: Practice, Concept and TheoryAntoine Buyse (Examiner)
8 Nov 2019
Civic Space as Commons: People Claiming and Protecting their RightsAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
11 Oct 2019
, Utrecht University Commons Event 2019, Hub Future of Citizen-based Initiatives
SIM Peter Baehr Lecture 2019Antoine Buyse (Organiser)
20 Sep 2019
Presentation at roundtable ‘The Crisis of Democracy”,Antoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
16 Sep 2019
, Institutions for Open Societies ‘Toogdag’
Watchdogs Helping Watchdogs? How European Human Rights Protection Institutions Attempt to Protect Civic Space’, conference 'The Shrinking of Legal Space for Civil Society in the European Union'Antoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
12 Sep 2019
Keynote ‘People Power under Pressure. Civic Space and Human Rights’, conference of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Human Rights Policy and PracticeAntoine Buyse (Keynote speaker)
12 Jun 2019
Shrinking Civic Space’, conferentie ‘Backsliding on SDG 16: Responding to Shrinking Political and Civic Space Around the WorldAntoine Buyse (Keynote speaker)
10 Jun 2019
University of DeustoAntoine Buyse (Visiting researcher)
27 May 20195 Jul 2019
Fear Speech’ or How Violent Conflict Escalation Relates to the Freedom of ExpressionAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
16 Apr 2019
Human Rights in a Shrinking Civic SpaceAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
5 Apr 2019
Civic Space and Human Rights - On Shrinking and Bouncing BackAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
27 Mar 2019
University of MelbourneAntoine Buyse (Visiting researcher)
1 Mar 201926 Apr 2019


UGLOBE Expert Seminar : Civic Space under AttackAntoine Buyse (Participant)
21 Nov 2018
Closing keynoteAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
6 Nov 2018
, A National Human Rights Institution for Italy
De Nobelprijs voor de Vrede 2018Antoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
19 Oct 2018
, KNAW Avond van de Nobelprijzen
Responding to Legitimacy Challenges: Opportunities and Choices for the European Court of Human RightsAntoine Buyse (Participant)
18 Sep 2018
Squashing Civic Space - Anti-NGO Laws and Human RightsAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
7 Sep 2018
, Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI)
Council of Europe (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Chair)
1 Jul 20181 Jul 2021
Mensenrechten en 'reverse transitions'Antoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
1 Jun 2018
, KNAW SWR-Conference 'Illiberal Democracies en de druk op de rechtsstaat'
KNAW SWR-Conference 'Illiberal Democracies en de druk op de rechtsstaat'Antoine Buyse (Participant)
1 Jun 20182 Jun 2018
Seminar 'Leadership in Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion', Utrecht UniversityAntoine Buyse (Participant)
May 2018
70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human RightsAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
14 Mar 2018


CCHR: conference ‘Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead,Antoine Buyse (Organiser)
8 Sep 2017
Reverse Transitions and European Human Rights LawAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
7 Jul 2017
Principled Resistance Against ECtHR Judgments - A New Paradigm?Antoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
2 Jun 2017
Reverse Transitions, Squeezed Civic Space and Human RightsAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
17 May 2017
Memory Moving Forward: The Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights on Freedom of Expression and Information’Antoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
4 May 2017
Civic Space Under Pressure – The Moves Against NGOsAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
20 Mar 2017
Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund, SwedenAntoine Buyse (Visiting researcher)
Feb 2017Mar 2017
KNAW (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Chair)
1 Jan 201731 Dec 2019
KNAW (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
1 Jan 201731 Dec 2019


Keynote Lecture 'Dignified Law: The Role of Human Dignity in European Convention Case-Law'Antoine Buyse (Keynote speaker)
11 Oct 2016
, Utrecht Ethics Institute Conference on the Future of Human Dignity
The 2016 AHRI Human Rights Research ConferenceAntoine Buyse (Organiser)
1 Sep 20163 Sep 2016
KNAW (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
11 Mar 201630 Oct 2017


Presentation on Jekyll and Hyde in StrasbourgAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
4 Nov 2015
, Leiden University conference 65 Years ECHR
Seminar Positieve Verplichtingen en het EVRMAntoine Buyse (Chair)
23 Oct 2015
Presentation on Freedom of Expression and TransitionsAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
19 Sep 2015
, Koc University conference on the ECHR and Transitions
Presentation on human rights and the limits of open societiesAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
14 Sep 2015
, Institutions seminar on Open Societies and their Limits
Human Rights for Foxes and HedgehogsAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
16 Jun 2015
, Inaugural Lecture
RENFORCE Debate on Charlie HebdoAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
1 Apr 2015
, RENFORCE seminar
Presentation 'Human Rights and Conflict'Antoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
24 Mar 2015
, KNAW Jonge Akademie - Interscience Conferene on Conflict
Presentation 'ECHR and Online Violent SpeechAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
5 Mar 2015
, Conference Internet and Online Extremism
WODC (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
1 Feb 201530 Nov 2015
American University (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
1 Feb 20151 Apr 2015
FRAME-ing Inclusive Approaches to EU Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of LawAntoine Buyse (Chair)
Jan 2015


Keynote speech op Rondetafelconferentie. Titel: ‘Mensenrechtenactieplannen – wetenschappelijk perspectief’Antoine Buyse (Keynote speaker)
10 Dec 2014
, Rondetafelconferentie Mensenrechten in Nederland
European Young Academies (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
1 Sep 201415 Jun 2015
Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW)(External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
1 Jan 201431 Mar 2015
Universitair Focusgebied Cultures (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
2014 → …
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights (Journal)Antoine Buyse (Editor)
2014 → …
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Mensenrechten (Journal)Antoine Buyse (Editor)
2014 → …
Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijke Onderzoek (NWO)(External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
2014 → …
Executive Commitee Association of Human Rights Institutes (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
2014 → …


Words of Violence – freedom of expression and conflict escalationAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
, Lecture (Danish Institute for Human Rights)
Words of ViolenceAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
, VENI-conference ‘Words of Violence. Freedom of Expression, Conflict Dynamics and the Media’
Toetreding EU tot EVRM – het EHRM-perspectiefAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
, Seminar ‘EU-toetreding tot EVRM’
Seminar ‘Hate Speech in Fragile Contexts’Antoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Mensenrechten (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
2013 → …
Human Rights in EuropeAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
, Seminar Young Academies of Europe
EU Accession to the ECHRAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
, Annual conference Association of Human Rights Institutes


PresentatieAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
, Conferentie ‘Politics of Protrayal’, oktober 2012 (Faculteit Geesteswetenschappe /Universiteit Utrecht)
PresentatieAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
, conferentie ‘National Human Rights Institutions in Europe’, mei 2012 (Universiteit Leuven)
PresentatieAntoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
, Conferentie ‘Displaced Persons and Armed Conflict’, December 2012 (Newcastle University)
Executive Committee Association of Human Rights Institutes (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
2012 → …


Lezing ‘Het Europees Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens: lichtend Baken of Monster?’Antoine Buyse (Invited speaker)
1 Sep 2011
, werkgroep Coalitie Mensenrechten (Bunnik)
NTM/NJCM-Bulletin (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
2011 → …
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
2011 → …
Jonge Akademie KNAW (External organisation)Antoine Buyse (Member)
2011 → …