Prof. dr. Ajay Bailey

Sociale Geografie en Planologie
International Development Studies
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PhD Supervision 


  • Bikram Barman: Poverty among older adults: A life course approach (Co-supervisor with Dr. Lekha Subaiya).
  • Daniel Mambo Tampi : Building Healthy Cities and Community Resilience Facing The Global Climate Crises 
  • Zakia Sultana: BEAT THE HEAT-Cool co-governance for heat stress adaptation strategies (Co-supervisor Dr. Bishwajit Mallick and Dr. Heleen Mees)
  • Ranna Abdulhadi, Urban inequalities in WASH and housing in small and medium-sized cities in India and Kenya – reclaiming access and rights to urban services as a pathway towards inclusive sustainable development. (with Femke van Noorloos). 
  •  Sayantan Samui, Environmental Non-Migration in GBM Delta – Intergenerational Perspective (Co-supervisor Bishwajit Mallick)
  • Nikitha Rebello, Risk and resilience in families affected by alcohol dependence. (Co-supervisor with Dr. Varalakshmi Chandran)
  • Xu Chu, Envisioning the inclusive city: cultural differences and urban space in Chengdu, China
  •  Dan Liu, The socio-spatial impact of tourism-led urban regeneration: When traditional residence becomes transnational homestay. (Promotor and supervised with Femke van Noorloos and Prof. Maggi Leung).
  • Octaviani Ariyanti, Barriers in accessing transport for Older adults in Indonesia (Promotor, Co-Supervisor Dora Sampaio)
  • Sanghamitra Roy, Towards Inclusive Cities: Equitable Access for Women to Urban Transport in Kolkata, India, and the Role of First- and Last-Mile Connectivity (Promotor, Co-promotor Femke van Noorloos).  
  • Seama Mowri, Inclusive Cities through Access to Urban Mobility Infrastructures for Older Adults in Dhaka. (Co-supervisors Dr. Marco Helbich, and prof. Dick Ettema).
  • Prajwal N. Inclusive Cities through Access to Urban Mobility Infrastructures for Physically-Challenged people in Bangalore. (Co-supervisor with Dr. Sobin George, Dr. Lekha Subaiya and prof. Dick Ettema).
  • Divya Patil, Inclusive Cities through Access to Urban Mobility Infrastructures for Older Adults in Bangalore. (Co-supervisor with Dr. Sobin George, Dr. Lena Ashok and  prof. Dick Ettema).



Vaitaire Janssen, Preparedness, Performance and Utilisation of the Curaçao Health Care System in the Face of Arboviral (Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika) Epidemics. (Primary supervisor with Dr. Tami and Prof. A. Duits, UMCG)

Churnalisa Doran, Long-term chikungunya sequelae in Curaçao: symptom recurrence and health related quality of life. (Primary supervisor with Dr. Tami and Prof. A. Duits, UMCG).

Armela Xhaho, Gendered Experiences of Albanian Migrants in Greece, Germany and Switzerland: ‘A Life course Perspective’. (Primary supervisor with Prof. Clara Mulder and Dr. Erka Caro) 


Nikhil P. N.
Institutional Care, Belonging and Migration: Lived Experiences of the Elderly in Old Age Homes in Kerala India. (Primary supervisor with Prof. Inge Hutter ).

Zaina Mchome
Ethnography of Child Growth in Tanzania. (Co-supervisor with Prof. Hinke Haisma).


Allen Ugargol
Ageing and Exchange of Care in Emigrant Households: case Studies from Kerala and Goa, India. (Primary supervisor with Prof. K. S. James and Prof. Inge Hutter) .

Ranvijay Singh
Everyday Geographies of Migrant Men in Delhi: Paths to Belonging. (Co-supervisor with Dr. Anindita Datta, University of Delhi).

Sylivia Karen Rutagumirwa
Masculinities and Femininities in Health-Seeking Behavior among Elderly in Tanzania. (Primary supervisor with Prof. Inge Hutter). 

Jelte Elsinga
Health-Seeking Behaviour, Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices and Determinants of Late Disease Presentation of Chikungunya and Dengue in Curaçao. (Primary supervisor with Dr. Tami and Prof. Friedrich, UMCG).

Anu Kõu
Brain Gain: Migrant Biographies of Highly-Skilled South Asians in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. (Primary supervisor with Prof. Leo van Wissen and Prof. Clara Mulder).

Selim Jahangir
Gender, Space and Ageing: Care Geographies of Elderly Men in Delhi and Kolkata, India. (Co-supervisor with Dr. Anindita Datta, University of Delhi)

Emmy Metta
Health-Seeking Behavior in the Context of Epidemiological Transition in Tanzania: A Case of Malaria and Diabetes. (Co-supervisor with Prof. H. Haisma).

Erka Caro
From the Village to the City: Adjustment Process of Internal Migrants in Albania. (primary supervisor with Prof. Leo van Wissen).