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Gerardus 't Hooft (1946)

Gerardus 't Hooft

Gerard 't Hooft studied mathematics and physics in Utrecht and took his PhD on 1 March 1972 with a thesis that already made him famous. In 1977 he became a professor and until this day he works at the Institute of Theoretical Physics at Utrecht University.

Gerard 't Hooft was supervised by Veltman when taking his PhD and together they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1999. The whole university, students and staff, had cake and joined in the festivities. Gerard 't Hooft is still surprised at what being a Nobel Prize winner brings about. He receives many invitation for lectures, interviews, television performances and receptions. 'It is easy to make a trade of being a Nobel Prize winner' 't Hooft states.

They received their Nobel Prize for their work on the weak force, one of the four basic forces of nature next to gravitation, electromagnetic forces and the strong force. 't Hooft is now searching for the key to the all inclusive theory combining the four forces. The answer, according to 't Hooft is not in 'string theory' but in 'black holes' which do not only exist in the universe but also at the level of the elementary particles.
If this 'theory of everything' is found, will the partical physics be completed? No, 't Hooft thinks, then we can calculate things that are currently still far out of our reach.