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Collection Economics


The Economics collection (ECO) is located on the second floor of the University Library City Centre. The classification scheme of the books collection is derived from the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL)classification. You can find new books on the acquisitions list.


Our e-journals. You can find our printed journals in the catalogue. They are placed on the first floor in alphabetical order. You can find the current issues on the ground floor.

Electronic search engines

Within the university economics databases are available through "Search engines - Economics".
Some databases can only be used at Utrecht School of Economics (USE): the Thomson databases "Datastream" and "Mergers & Acquisitions", and the WSA data files.

Working Papers

The library is subscribed to the online version of the NBER Working Papers and the CEPR discussion papers.
Other Working Paper archives are available on the internet, like:



The Dutch CBS statistics are available in the StatLine database.
Statistics of Eurostat are available on the website of Eurostat and via the DSI database.
The library is subscribed to several international statistical publications. They can be found in the collection in sections ECO: A40 to A44.
Many international statistics (UNIDO, IMF, OECD, etc.) are also available in the DSI database. See also the World Bank database World Development Indicators Online (WDI).

Internet sources

You can find a collection of internet sources on the page "Resources for Economists on the Internet" of teh American Economic Association.

Search assistance

During the year library instructions are held for economics students. For these instructions an electronic a Libguide Training Economics.


Adress: Drift 27, 3512 BR Utrecht
Phone: (030) 2536115
Reference librarian Henk Zonneveld