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Studying in Utrecht

At Utrecht University, quality is a number-one priority. It is for this reason that we are the university with the highest graduation rates in the Netherlands. Utrecht University is also known for its educational model, which is about getting the right student into the right programme. The University is continually working to enhance the quality of its programmes in order to provide students with the challenging and innovative learning climate that does justice to their ambitions and talents. Also see the Utrecht educational model.

Highest completion rates

Utrecht University has the highest completion rates of all Dutch universities. Of all the students who started their Bachelor’s degree in 2006, 55 percent graduated within four years. Nationally, this percentage is considerably lower: 42 percent (2010 figures). Not counting the students who drop out at the end of their first year, the percentage of graduation success is even higher: 74 percent successfully complete their Bachelor’s degrees within four years. Of the students who entered a one-year Master’s degree in 2006 and who had previously graduated from Utrecht University, 92 percent completed their studies (as compared to 82 percent of students who had previously graduated from a university of applied sciences). Of the cohort of students entering a two-year Master’s degree in 2005, 84 percent of the students who had previously graduated from Utrecht University completed their studies within two years (2010 figures). See also facts and figures.

High level of programme satisfaction

Students and professors value the programmes offered at Utrecht, as demonstrated by outside programme evaluations, student satisfaction surveys, and the marks that Utrecht programmes get in the annual Elsevier and Keuzegids surveys.

Best university in the Netherlands

Utrecht University is one of the world’s top universities. The Shanghai Ranking ranks the university in the Netherlands on 1, on a 16th place in Europe and worldwide on a 57th place; according to the Times Higher Education Rankings, Utrecht University is 79th in the world. The Taiwan Rankings, published by the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council (HEEFCE), place the University in the Netherlands on 1, in Europa on 6 and globally on a 39th place. For more information on the rankings: facts and figures.

Programme quality

The programmes of Utrecht University meet strict quality standards and offer students an activating learning environment as well as good-quality support and supervision. From its students, the University expects commitment, engagement and the ambition to get the best out of themselves. To maintain and enhance the quality of its programmes, Utrecht University continues to work on quality improvement, educational innovation and professionalisation.

Career prospects

Graduates of Utrecht University find careers in a wide variety of areas and places, including renowned universities across the world.

At the forefront of educational innovation

Utrecht University is at the forefront of education and educational innovation, developing challenging programmes for groups of highly talented and motivated students in order to meet the international call for quality and talent. Successful educational concepts, such as the small-scale and prestigious University College Utrecht and Utrecht Law College, seek to foster and develop a diverse range of talents. Several other universities in the Netherlands have followed suit.

First university in the Netherlands with:


International outlook

Utrecht looks beyond national boundaries. Science is, after all, an international pursuit. Thanks to our partnerships across the globe, we are able to offer students the opportunity to take part in international exchanges and internships. Utrecht University’s international character is also reflected in its offerings: it has the broadest range of English-taught Master’s degrees and runs the largest summer school in Europe.

Utrecht University has strategic partnerships with an array of universities, such as the University of California, which offer jointly-run Master’s degrees developed under the Erasmus Mundus programme.

In 2010, more than 2000 students from more than 110 different countries came to Utrecht to join our English-taught programmes. A good number of our students went abroad.

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Education and society

Utrecht University’s programmes offer students great flexibility in designing a course of study that meets their aspirations. By creating an environment that brings together different disciplines, the University enables students and staff to make a significant contribution to the solving of societal problems and thus to the well-being of society.

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