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Teaching & Learning

Academic structure and partnership

All Utrecht University teaching concepts are provided by 7 Faculties, several Undergraduate Schools, 6 Graduate Schools, and 3 teaching institutes.


The Faculties of Utrecht University are divided into Departments. Each Department coordinates teaching and research for a specific field of science. The academic staff is employed by the Departments. Organisation of the programmes of the individual Faculties is carried out by the Undergraduate and Graduate Schools, under the supervision of a Board of Studies. The Schools are responsible for the content of the undergraduate, graduate and PhD programmes, and they work in close liaison with the departments.

Undergraduate Schools

All Faculties have 1 or more Undergraduate Schools. Together with the  Departments the Schools provide the undergraduate programmes of the Faculties.

Graduate Schools

A Graduate School consists of a number of graduate and PhD programmes dealing with related subjects. They create a meeting place for graduate students, PhD students and researchers. The Graduate and PhD programmes of Utrecht University have been classified in 6 Graduate Schools.

Teaching institutes

Apart from Faculties, Utrecht University has 3 teaching institutes: 2 English-taught undergraduate honours Colleges and 1 teacher training institute: 


Each Faculty is provided with a support services department, housing an Education and Student Office (Onderwijs Studenten Zaken, OSZ). Students and employees can turn to the OSZ with questions about registration for courses and programmes, timetables, course catalogues, study counselling, studying abroad, etcetera.

Academic Affairs also plays a part in educational support. The Student Counselling Department helps students with their study choice and study-related and personal problems, and assists Faculties with student counselling. Student Affairs & International Office answers questions about study-related subjects such as enrolment and student loans, aids students with international exchange, and assists the faculties with the admission of international students.