Utrecht University is an internationally prominent, research-led university that carries out fundamental and applied research across a wide range of academic fields. With its chosen research themes of Sustainability, Life Sciences, Institutions and Dynamics of Youth, the university contributes to solving issues such as climate change, infectious diseases, the aging population, social cohesion and security.

Prof. dr. Beatrice de Graaf
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Galileo Galilei in gesprek met twee oude mannen, Stefano della Bella, 1632 - Rijksmuseum
3 July 2015
Anna-Luna Post will analyse how Galileo Galilei's reputation developed during his career.
Erik Meinema
3 July 2015
Erik Meinema's project is titled ‘Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding in Nigeria. A post-secular perspective on youth peacebuilding.’
Sven Dupré
2 July 2015
This new chair focuses on the production and consumption of art and its embedding in the history of knowledge.




27 September 2015 09:00 -
The COST Action 'New Materialism', chaired by Dr Iris van der Tuin, will organise two major international conferences in Australia and Slovenia.
8 October 2015 09:00 -
This symposium introduces researchers to digital technologies relevant to their field. With lectures from Els Stronks and Sonja de Leeuw.
Future Food