Utrecht University is an internationally prominent, research-led university that carries out fundamental and applied research across a wide range of academic fields. With its chosen research themes of Sustainability, Life Sciences, Institutions and Dynamics of Youth, the university contributes to solving issues such as climate change, infectious diseases, the aging population, social cohesion and security.

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Gerard 't Hooft
Noble Prize winner Gerard 't Hooft


Mise en scène - Frank Kessler
17 April 2015
In this volume Frank Kessler charts the history of the term 'mise en scène', from 19th century theatre circles til the contemporary media landscape.
Krizia Nardini MA - Photo:
14 April 2015
The American Men’s Studies Association awarded a Loren Frankel Memorial scholarship to PhD student Krizia Nardini (ICON).
Adrienne Einarson
8 April 2015
Researchers, policy makers, doctors and pharmacists must pay more attention to translating research results that are often difficult to interpret for patients




Uitnodiging Oratie Javier Cuoso
18 May 2015 16:15 -
Professor Javier Couso will formally accept his appointment to the Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity 2014/2016.
12 June 2015 10:00 -
On 12 June, the NOG organises its National Research Day for students in the fields of gender, diversity, ethnicity and sexuality.
Waldseemuller Map - Wikipedia
26 June 2015 -
This conference seeks to fill an important gap in our understanding of the early modern knowledge culture: the significance of youth literacies.
Future Deltas