Faculty of Science

“Our knowledge changes the world.”
Gerrit van Meer – Dean

Utrecht University's Faculty of Science stands for world-class research and innovative education. The faculty is the largest science faculty of the Netherlands and is home to over 4800 students and 1100 employees. The Faculty offers research expertise and opportunities across all departments, from Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Information and Computing Sciences to Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Faculty of Science is world wide recognized for its excellent research. Among the bright minds of our faculty are a Nobel prize winner, Spinoza winners, ERC grant winners and of course we do all our research in close collaboration with social partners and the industry.

We believe it is a great privilege to pass our knowledge on to the next generations. The faculty offers a wide variety of educational programmes in both the Natural Sciences as the Life Sciences and we challenge our students to get the most out of their talents.

Our bright minds
Rene van Roij
Meet René van Roij

Blue energy, generating energy from mixing fresh water with saline water

Science for life

Science for life explores the fundamentals of life through high-level research in the biosciences, aiming at future solutions for health and environmental challenges.


5 March 2015
Scientists call attention in Current Biology to 9 issues that must be considered to limit the environmental impacts of the ongoing expansion of infrastructure
2 March 2015
Utrecht University and the World Health Organisation (WHO) will work together to make affordable patent-free medicines possible in developing countries
Petra de Jongh
25 February 2015
Petra de Jongh has received a ERC grant of 2 million Euros for the development of catalysts for sustainable production of fuels, synthetics and pharmaceuticals


20 March 2015 10:15 -
Many health and social issues are caused by disadvantageous decision-making. A domain in which this is particularly prevalent is food choice.
25 March 2015 13:00 -
Symposium on the occasion of the Honorary Doctorate for Kurt VanLehn
26 March 2015 15:00 -
Thursday 26th of March Utrecht University celebrates its 379th Dies Natalis. This year, the ceremony is themed Education.
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Faculty of Science