Fiber intake, fermentation & dental condition: the 2nd post-10th EEHNC session

In March 2021, the 10th edition of the European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress (EEHNC) took place. This congress is followed by three follow-up webinar sessions. The first Post-10th EEHNC session took place in September. The second one will take place on March 24, 2022 and is themed 'Fiber intake, fermentation & dental condition'.

Suitable for: 
Equine practitioners, nutritionists, equine professionals, equine parasitologists
Start date(s): 
29 September 2022
Time investment: 
4,5 hours
Partner organisation: 
European Equine Health & Nutrition Association
€ 125

Course content

The second Post-10th EEHNC session on March 24, 2022 includes two presentations. The first presentation is titled 'Fiber intake & fermentation in horses and other herbivores: a comparative approach'. This presentation is given by Marcus Clauss, who works at the Clinic for Zoo Animals, Exotic Pets and Wildlife at the Vetsuisse Faculty at the University of Zurich. In the second part of the webinar Lieven Vlaminck (Ghent University) will discuss the question 'Is there a relation between nutrition & dental condition or the other way around?'. Various other experts will contribute to the discussion. The full programme can be found here.

The third Post-10th EEHNC session follows on September 29, 2022 and is about Equine gastric ulcer syndrome & nutritional management. More information will follow later.

Each of the three follow-up sessions are awarded with 2.5 points for continuing education (Equine; PE-veterinair).

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